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You, Poor Voter, Must Stand Back and Watch as Billionaire Plutocrats Purchase Democracy

Regular people cannot, but the billionaire class can spend as much as their hearts desire to influence election outcomes.

Sam Pizzigati ·

The US Oligarchy Is Getting Exactly the Kind of Election It Paid For

Simply put, the elections are "tightening" because rightwing billionaires and giant corporations are pouring billions of dollars into advertising. And advertising works.

Thom Hartmann ·

Donald Trump Isn't the Biggest Grifter in This Country. The Republican Party Is

When you compare Trump's cons with the $50 trillion that the GOP has swindled out of the American working class and given to the top 1 percent since 1980, Trump looks like a piker.

Thom Hartmann ·

The Crush of Our Song

The powerful keep those they exploit from knowing who they are, where they came from and the crimes of the ruling class. As social inequality mounts, so does the campaign to keep us in darkness.

Chris Hedges ·

It Is Time to Throw the Monarchies of the World Into the Dustbin of History

The royals are oligarchs. They are guardians of their class.

Chris Hedges ·

Collective Self-Delusion: Let's Stop Pretending America Is a Functioning Democracy

A functioning democracy could easily dispatch Donald Trump and his doppelgängers. A failed democracy and bankrupt liberalism assures their ascendancy.

Chris Hedges ·

US Working Class Must Stand Up to This Nation's Oligarchs

In the year 2022, three multibillionaires own more wealth than the bottom half of American society—160 million Americans. This is unsustainable.

Bernie Sanders ·

The March Towards US Fascism Began With the Corporate Hijacking of Democracy

Political corruption and the idea that corporations can be people are the cancer at the core of our national crisis.

Thom Hartmann ·

The Corporate Oligarchs Have Put Humanity on a Path Toward Self-Annihilation

We are stumbling—seemingly oblivious—into the bared teeth of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch driven by humanity itself. We are walking straight into it and pretending it's not here.

Thom Hartmann ·

The Global Ruling Class Is Frog-Marching Us Towards Extinction

We were warned for decades about the death march we are on because of global warming. And yet, the global ruling class continues to frog-march us towards extinction.

Chris Hedges ·

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