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Kirstjen Nielsen

In Trump's America, Even Nielsen Wasn't Cruel Enough

We cannot allow Trump’s slippery slope into hell to distort our moral compasses

Sonali Kolhatkar ·

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Brutal and Calamitous Leadership of the Department of Homeland Security Comes to an End

All in all, Nielsen’s legacy as an apologist and enabler of Trump’s detention and deportation machine will go down in history as one of the crucial—and cruel—moments of this presidency

Brian Tashman ·

With Nielsen Out and Stephen Miller Driving Immigration Policy, Critics Fear 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'

"Now this president wants someone even 'tougher.' This should be a warning to all who believe in justice," says Rep. Ilhan Omar

Andrea Germanos ·

'History Will Judge Her': DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns After Months of Imposing Trump's Immigration Policies

"Nielsen presided over a [DHS] that showed a blatant disregard for our Constitution, civil rights, and human life."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Shame!': DHS Asks for Power to Deport Unaccompanied Children

"Don't it make you feel proud to be an American?"

Eoin Higgins ·

After Locking Migrant Children in Cages, DHS Chief Tells Congress, 'They're Not Cages'

Asked how a cage in a federal detention center differs from a dog kennel, Kirstjen Nielsen said, "It's larger."

Jessica Corbett ·

Doctors Group, Citing Dangerous Conditions, Demands Immediate Release of Babies Detained by ICE

"ICE is required to meet basic standards of care for minor non-citizens in its custody. It repeatedly has demonstrated an inability to do so."

Julia Conley ·

Merkley Calls for FBI Perjury Probe into Homeland Secretary Nielsen After Child Detention Memo Leaked

"Merkley deserves a ton of credit for his leadership here. This is good, honest, careful work in response to cynicism, cruelty, and lies."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Beyond Repulsive': Outrage After Trump DHS Secretary Blames 'Parents' and 'Open Borders' Advocates for Deaths of Children in US Custody

"Children in the custody of the Trump administration are dying, and the best the Secretary of Homeland Security can do is blame 'those who seek open borders' and 'parents.'"

Jake Johnson ·

In One Wretched Day, All You Need to Know About Donald J. Trump

Until Republicans renounce their putrescent Piped Piper, we are all in for it.

Michael Winship ·

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