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Jan 6 Insurrection


'Alarming': Nearly 1/3 in US Worry About Violence, Intimidation at Polls

"The fear people are experiencing—especially Black people, Hispanic people, and young people—is a form of voter suppression that needs to be addressed before the election," said one expert.

Jessica Corbett ·

Jan. 6 Rallygoer Wins GOP Primary for Arizona's Top Election Official

A member of the far-right extremist group Oath Keepers, Mark Finchem has vowed to end early voting in the state and has called for the 2020 election results to be decertified.

Julia Conley ·

Dark Money Pouring Into Secretary of State Races Featuring 'Big Lie' Candidates

"Prom­in­ent elec­tion deniers have attrac­ted large dona­tions—often the legal maximum—from donors who are active in multiple states," warns a new report.

Jon Queally ·

Time to Investigate Corporate Insurrection

"The corporate insurrection of democracy is not limited to one day, but is year round and more than a century long."

Greg Coleridge ·

Petition Demanding Clarence Thomas Impeachment Reaches 1.2 Million

Clarence Thomas, says a MoveOn petition, "has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife's coup attempts than the health of the Supreme Court."

Jessica Corbett ·

'This Is Big News': DOJ Investigating Trump in Criminal Probe of Jan. 6 Attack

"If we fail to criminally prosecute Trump," warned one House Democrat, "we will march this country inexorably down the path of fascism."

Jake Johnson ·

Trump Is the GOP and the GOP Is Trump—Both Must Be Vanquished

The dramatic Jan 6. hearings have shown why the former president must be held to account and why the Republican Party, with or without LIz Cheney, must be defeated.

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

It's Time to Break up the Secret Service and Send Its People to Jail for Their Role in the Jan. 6 Cover-Up

The Secret Service's missing Jan. 6 texts must be really bad, because agency higher-ups look to have committed a criminal cover-up to hide them.

Will Bunch ·

Corporate Interests Have Given $21.5 Million to GOP 'Sedition Caucus' Since Jan. 6 Attack

"Corporations owe an explanation as to why they keep funding Donald Trump's pawns in Congress who tried to finish what the insurrectionists started."

Jake Johnson ·

Pence's Ex-Chief of Staff and White House Lawyer Testified to Jan. 6 Grand Jury

The DOJ's grand jury, said one legal expert, "is finally going for the jugular: It's targeting Trump's role in criminally pressuring his own VP to help him overturn his 2020 loss to Biden."

Jessica Corbett ·

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