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Jan 6 Insurrection

Judge Rules Effort to Bar Marjorie Taylor Greene From Office Over Jan. 6 Can Proceed

"The Constitution disqualifies from public office any elected officials who aided the insurrection, and we look forward to asking Representative Greene about her involvement under oath."

Jake Johnson ·

DOJ Urged to Probe Whether Trump 'Willfully Mutilated and Destroyed' Jan. 6 Call Logs

Two groups assert that the former president "engaged in a pattern of conduct throughout his tenure in office that violated his record-keeping obligations under the Presidential Records Act."

Jessica Corbett ·

Three Key Roles The Jan. 6 Committee Should Play In Its Upcoming Public Hearings

The 2022 congressional elections could serve as proving grounds for attempting to steal the 2024 presidential election.

Fred Wertheimer ·

The US Supreme Court Has a Very Serious Clarence Thomas Problem

The Supreme Court Justice is doing great harm to the reputation of the court.

Bill Blum ·

House Votes to Hold Trump Aides Navarro, Scavino in Contempt of Congress

Rep. Jamie Raskin accused the pair of "acting with open disregard and scorn for the rule of law, Congress, and representatives of the American people" by ignoring subpoenas from the January 6 panel.

Jessica Corbett ·

Enough. It Is Time for Merrick Garland to Act on Trump's Coup Plot

Both at home and abroad—from Trump's MAGA movement to Vladimir Putin's Russia—democracy is under assault.

Bill Blum ·

Ginni Thomas's Texts: A 'Coup in Search of a Legal Theory' and Judicial Malfeasance

The 29 publicly available text exchanges between Ginni Thomas and then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that begin on November 5, 2020, are stunning.

Steven Harper ·

Clarence Thomas Should Resign and Ginni Thomas Should Be Prosecuted

Forget recusal. This behavior demands far graver consequences.

Thom Hartmann ·

'This Is A Tipping Point': Justice Thomas Must Resign, AOC Says

If the Supreme Court justice does not step down, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said, he should face an investigation and possible impeachment proceedings.

Julia Conley ·

'Possible Coverup' Alleged as Jan. 6 Logs Show 457-Minute Gap in Trump Calls

"Nixon had an 18.5-minute gap in his White House tapes," noted one watchdog group. "Trump has a 7.5-hour gap in phone logs from January 6th."

Jake Johnson ·

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