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EU's Top Court Delivers "Major Blow" to Mass Surveillance

"Today's judgment is a major blow against mass surveillance and an important day for privacy"

Nika Knight Beauchamp ·

UK Set to Approve Most Extreme Spy Bill in 'History of Western Democracy'

"Snooper's charter" poised to become law by end of 2016 after passing both houses of Parliament this week

Nadia Prupis ·

Court Rules UK Mass Spying Was Unlawfully Conducted for Nearly Two Decades

Decision called 'long overdue indictment' of government's bulk collection of citizens' private information

Jon Queally ·

The NSA Abroad: The UK Base That Makes US Targeted Killing Possible

Newly revealed documents leaked by Edward Snowden and reported by The Intercept detail the inner workings of the NSA's largest overseas base

Lauren McCauley ·

'Shocking...Outrageous': New Revelations Confirm UK Spied on Amnesty International

Tribunal which oversees British intelligence services admits that it mistakenly ruled that GCHQ had not targeted the human rights group for surveillance

Nadia Prupis ·

New 'Kill List' Documents Point Finger at UK and Australia in US Drone War

Files released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and analyzed by the Guardian reveal that British and Australian intelligence agencies may have supported covert strikes outside of war zones in operation codenamed 'Overhead'

Nadia Prupis ·

Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed

Internal memo from secretive British spy unit exposes how GCHQ and NSA used human psychological research to create sophisticated online propaganda tools

Jon Queally ·

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