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'We Can Change': In New Film, Greta Thunberg Connects Dots Between Animal Exploitation, Climate Crisis, and Pandemics

"We need to rethink how we value and treat nature in order to safeguard future and present living conditions for life on Earth."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Racism, Capitalism, and the Climate Crisis

As we tried to connect the dots between the murder of George Floyd and our work to end the burning of fossil fuels, the connecting thread, without our naming it explicitly, was clearly capitalism.

Cynthia Kaufman ·

This Endangered Species Day, Let's Reconnect with Our Natural World

With our very existence at stake, biodiversity loss must be a national priority on the same level as climate change.

Bonnie Rice ·

Humanity Must Embark on 'New Relationship With the Natural World,' Says Jane Goodall

The acclaimed conservationist, just awarded the Templeton Prize, says that without hope, "we sink into apathy, do nothing—and that will be the end."

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

As Climate Crisis and Violence Converge, Internal Displacement Hit Global Record High of 55 Million in 2020: Report

"We are failing to protect the world's most vulnerable people from conflict and disasters," said the head of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

Conservationists Celebrate Federal Introduction of 'Extinction Prevention Act'

"The emergency funding provided in this legislation is a desperately needed first step towards stemming the global extinction crisis."

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Biden EPA Admits Faulty Glyphosate Review Under Trump But Still Won't Take It Off US Market

"Time to face the music, not run and hide," said one critic of the agency's latest legal maneuver.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

The Most Colossal Planning Failure in Human History

We have built up civilization to a scale that can temporarily be supported by finite and polluting energy sources, and we have simply assumed that this scale of activity can continue to be supported by other energy sources that haven't yet been developed or substantially deployed.

Richard Heinberg ·