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We Need to Urgently Regulate Global Meat and Dairy Companies to Cut Methane and Avoid Climate Breakdown

The science is clear: Regulating global meat and dairy companies, making the cost of business as usual untenable and supporting a transition toward agroecological systems of food production are critical if we hope to stem climate chaos.

Shefali Sharma ·

'Victory for Environmental Justice': Review Ordered for Proposed Cancer Alley Plastics Complex

"I am hopeful that this is the nail in the coffin of Formosa Plastics in St. James Parish," said the head of Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Long Overdue': EPA Bans All Food Uses of Neurotoxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

"Finally, our fields are made safer for farmworkers and our fruits and vegetables are safer for our children."

Jessica Corbett ·

As Covid-19 Cases Rise, Global Task Force Lays Out How to Avert Future Pandemics

"We must take actions that prevent pandemics from starting by stopping the spillover of diseases from animals to humans."

Jessica Corbett ·

Dangerous Thinking: Carbon Capture Technology Won't Solve Our Emissions Problems

Pennsylvania and other places want to push forward on carbon removal plans, but there's little evidence for their impact.

Wenonah Hauter ·

From Soil to Society: A Systems Approach to Change

To build a different system—one that values healthy soils, biodiversity, clean water, and human capital over exploitation and profit at all costs—we must invest in the knowledge that supports it.

Siena Chrisman ·

Is It Possible to Satisfy Humanity's Universal Needs Fairly and Keep the World Livable?

Given the current climate emergency and the broader ecological breakdown that looms, there are few issues more pressing than that expressed by the single word: enough.

Stan Cox ·

"It's a Sea of Oil": Outrage in Trinidad Over Latest Spill Destroying Ecosystem, Fishery

"There have been in excess of 377 oil spills since 2015 and no one has ever been charged or prosecuted. Every drop of hydrocarbon has an ever-lasting impact on our marine ecosystem.”

Brett Wilkins ·

Wisconsin on Track for Another 'Wolf Slaughter,' Sparking Calls for Federal Protections

"Our state's Natural Resources Board voted today to double down on wolf management that goes against science and ethical norms."

Andrea Germanos ·

Massive Payouts to Bankrupt Oil and Gas Firm Execs Are 'Fueling Failure': Report

"Whether these fossil fuel executives lead their corporations to financial success or catastrophic flops, they still receive exorbitant payouts, while workers lose jobs, investors lose money, and taxpayers may wind up footing the bill for environmental cleanup."

Brett Wilkins ·

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