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I'm a West Virginian Farmer. My Brothers Work in Oil and Coal. And We Need Manchin to Act on Climate

For another decade or so, climate change will get worse and farms like mine will die.

Holly Bradley ·

UK Survey Finds 'Terrifying' 60% Plunge in Flying Insect Population

"We cannot put off action any longer, for the health and well-being of future generations this demands a political and societal response. It is essential that we halt biodiversity decline now."

Brett Wilkins ·

Manchin, Kelly Join GOP in Passing Motion to Bar Biden From Declaring Climate Emergency

"Our political leadership is out to kill most of us," lamented one climate justice advocate.

Jake Johnson ·

Study Shows Even 'Green' and 'Nontoxic' Products for Kids Contain Forever Chemicals

"These are products that children come into close contact with every day and over a long period of time," said one co-author, arguing that PFAS "should not be allowed in products."

Jessica Corbett ·

Arizona Slammed for Permitting Uranium Mine That Imperils Grand Canyon Tribe's Water

"Uranium contamination in a system like this is forever and while the mining company can walk away, the Havasupai tribe can't. This is, and always has been, their home."

Brett Wilkins ·

California Praised for Probe Into Plastics Industry's 50-Year Misinformation Campaign

"Against the mountains of evidence these same companies misled the public for decades about the climate impacts of their products," one advocate said that "it is reasonable and appropriate to investigate whether and how they used a similar playbook for plastics."

Andrea Germanos ·

New Report Details Fracking's 'Widespread and Severe Harm' to Health and Climate

"From a public health perspective and a climate perspective, stopping fracking is imperative."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Climate and the Republic, Melting Down in Real Time

We are entering what could well turn out to be, for the United States, the most consequential span of time since the 1860s.

Stan Cox ·

Brazil Court Deals Blow to Massive Amazon Gold Mine Project

One prosecutor called the ruling "another victory for the Indigenous and riverine people of Volta Grande do Xingu," who "know that a mining project can have devastating impacts on the region."

Brett Wilkins ·

Costa Rica Has Reaped Dividends By Protecting Biodiversity—And Making It Accessible

Rather than building large resorts or multilane roads, countries would be wise to adopt Costa Rica's model of tourism infrastructure, which is mainly small ecolodges and nature hostels.

Alejandra Echeverri Ochoa ·

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