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Seattle Teachers Secure Tentative Deal to End Strike After 'Enormous Community Support'

"We should all be proud of what we accomplished and what we stood up for: student supports and respect for educators," said the Seattle Education Association.

Julia Conley ·

Young Americans' Approval of Biden Soars After He Announces Student Debt Cancellation

"Looks like removing crushing debt burdens for families is a political winner after all," said the Groundwork Collaborative executive director.

Jessica Corbett ·

While Hoping for a Deal, Seattle Teachers Vote to Strike on the Eve of First Day of School

"We are ready and willing, if we need to, to let the district know that we're not going to show up if we don't have everything our students need."

Brett Wilkins ·

In Praise of Teachers

The start of another school year: a tribute to our teachers and to the one who changed my life.

Robert Reich ·

Peace Literacy: Every Student Needs It

Peace literacy is as crucial as learning reading, writing and mathematics, and it cannot be left only to parents.

H. Patricia Hynes ·

'The Most Inane Idea': Outrage Greets This Proposal to Remedy Housing Crisis for Teachers

Teachers should be paid "salaries that allow them to live with dignity in the communities they serve," said one observer as school districts ask local families to help house educators.

Julia Conley ·

Warren Grills DOJ on Why It's Still Trying to Crush Student Debtors in Bankruptcy Court

The failure to provide updated guidance on the federal government's onerous "undue hardship" standard is "a severe problem for many borrowers who are in or on the brink of bankruptcy."

Kenny Stancil ·

I'm Living Proof That Biden's Student Loan Debt Relief Is Good Policy

I borrowed modestly, worked on campus, and still had to skip meals to make loan payments—and I was one of the lucky ones.

Olivia Alperstein ·

Want to End the Teacher Shortage? Start Valuing Education

Too many lawmakers are happy to dole out subsidies for the rich and corporations while resisting pay increases for educators.

Rebekah Entralgo ·

Ted Cruz Worries Working Class Might 'Get Off the Bong' and Vote After Student Debt Relief

"Republicans revealing what they REALLY think about the working class," said one progressive commentator.

Brett Wilkins ·

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