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'Don't Say Gay' Bill by Florida GOP Ignites National Condemnation

"If we don't speak up now, and act, Republicans will keep fighting to make laws like DeSantis' hateful 'Don't Say Gay' bill the norm," warned one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

North Carolina's New Education Bill Promotes Historical Erasure and White Supremacy

This is the power and difficulty of HB 324. It uses the moment of anti-Critical Race Theory rhetoric to go after its real target: anti-racist, anti-oppressive, critical civic, and authentic teaching.

Brian Gibbs ·

Despite 2020 Promise, Jill Biden Confirms Free Community College Plan Is Dead

"The proposed yearly cost of Biden's free community college plan would come out to less than 1.5% of the 2022 Pentagon budget," said CodePink.

Julia Conley ·

Economists Say Raise Pay to Solve Public School Staffing Crisis

"This moment of crisis for the country's schools," says the co-author of a new report, "could be a turning point."

Kenny Stancil ·

South Dakota Governor Signs 'Cruel and Dangerous' Trans Sports Ban

"Sports is my life," said Kris Wilka, a middle school athlete affected by the ban. "My world revolves around football, and I don't know if I would be able to function without it."

Brett Wilkins ·

Biden Education Dept. Reverses on Student Debt Case After Reporting Stirred Outrage

"This is why we have to support journalism," one reporter said of The Daily Poster's work exposing the administration's attempt to "overturn a key legal victory for borrowers."

Jessica Corbett ·

$1.5 Trillion in Student Loan Debt Is Sabotaging the Nation's Future

Reagan's policy of starving education and cranking up student debt has made U.S. banks piles of money, but stopped generations of young people from starting businesses, having families, and buying homes.

Thom Hartmann ·

Critics Say GOP Bill in Alabama Would 'Decapitate Public Education'

"We've given you a check, and we hereby wash our hands of the whole education thing," is how one retired teacher summarized a GOP lawmaker's fast-moving proposal.

Kenny Stancil ·

Federal Probe Demanded After 'Ominous' Bomb Threats at HBCUs

"While these threats are not new," said one progressive advocate, "they are serious and urgent for the danger they pose to human life and the life of our democracy."

Julia Conley ·

Brown University Faculty Reject Push for Koch-Funded Scholarship

"I did not come to Brown to study at an institution that promotes the presence of the Koch anti-science, anti-democratic ideology," wrote one student in a recent op-ed.

Kenny Stancil ·

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