Dow Chemical

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Agricultural workers in Salinas, California.  (Photo: Michael Davidson/flickr/cc)
"The Trump Administration has, again, proven that they are more interested in promoting the agenda and profit of industrial agribusiness over scientific integrity, the protection of public health, and the well-being of farmers, farm workers, and rural communities.""
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
New reporting by Associated Press begs further questions about administration's...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
'One of every five of the corporate executives who met with the Trump...


This is a real story: ExxonMobil has been awarded the Green Cross for Safety award for "excellence in safety, security, health and environmental performance" from the so-called National Safety Council, whose board is made up of executives from Exxon and other stellar corporate citizens like Dow Chemical, Exelon Nuclear, and DuPont. Irony lives, as does over-arching corporate power and unfathomable shamelessness.