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Big Pharma


Nurse From Liberia Holds 'Clap for Pharma Profits' Protest at Davos

"Me and my frontline colleagues saw pain, misery, death," said George Poe Williams. "Bourla and the other pharma executives here in Davos saw a chance to pump up profits."

Brett Wilkins ·

'Too Little, Too Late,' Campaigners Say as Pfizer Pledges Lower Vaccine Costs for Poor Nations

"We shouldn't hail pandemic profiteers as heroes, even when they make qualified gestures like this," said an adviser at the People's Vaccine Alliance.

Jake Johnson ·

Biden's Silence on an Intellectual Property Waiver Speaks Volumes

The White House appears to have no plans to break Big Pharma's stranglehold on global Covid-19 vaccines.

Sarah Lazare ·

'Greed Is Costing Lives': Global Actions Condemn Big Pharma's Vaccine Profiteering

"When over 80% of people in low-income countries still haven't received a single jab and deaths are still mounting, this is unconscionable: Pfizer has blood on its hands."

Jake Johnson ·

'Unprecedented': WHO Chief Urges Moderna Shareholders to Back Vaccine Tech Transfer

The WHO director-general will present a shareholder resolution calling on the pharmaceutical giant to make its coronavirus vaccine recipe available to the world.

Jake Johnson ·

'Liquid Gold, Mate!': Activists' Spoof on Big Pharma's Vaccine Greed Nails It

The satirical video's release coincides with a new People's Vaccine Alliance campaign targeting Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson during their annual general meetings.

Brett Wilkins ·

'Put Patients First': 70+ Groups Push Senate to Act on Sky-High Drug Prices

"After years of promises to lower the prices of prescription drugs, voters are demanding elected officials follow through."

Jake Johnson ·

Legal Recreational Cannabis Reduces Prescription Drug Demand: Study

The researchers found "significant reductions in the volume of prescriptions within the drug classes that align with the medical indications for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep, psychosis, and seizures."

Brett Wilkins ·

Corruption in Drug Patents: Take Away the Money

When patents can be worth enormous sums of money, companies will find ways to abuse the system.

Dean Baker ·

Successfully Fighting Inflation Starts at the Top

The Fed's high interest rate approach to stemming inflation is about reducing the bargaining power of workers, and especially workers at the lower end of the wage ladder.

Dean Baker ·

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