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Animal Rights

97% of Earth's Land No Longer Ecologically Intact, Study Finds

"Conservation is simply not enough anymore. We need restoration."

Julia Conley ·

Monster Storms Can Spell Disaster for Farm Animals

Before a severe weather event, producers must provide extra feed and adequate shelter to their animals, monitor water and heat sources, and develop an evacuation plan.

Allie Granger ·

Wolf Slaughter in Wisconsin Spurs Call for Biden to Reinstate Federal Protection for Iconic Species

"Wisconsin's actions offer a tragic glimpse of a future without federal wolf protections."

Andrea Germanos ·

As Cage-Free Momentum Soars, Companies Like Wendy's Lag Far Behind Competitors

It's clear that consumer outreach can motivate these companies to do the right thing, we just need more of it right now.

Michael Windsor ·

Protecting Animals Isn’t Just the Right Thing—It’s Uniting Politics

As we search for more ways to bring people together, compassion for animals provides us a wonderful opportunity to do some good and forge a greater unity of purpose in our politics.

Josh Balk ·

There's Nothing Vegan About War

As more and more people rethink their consumption of animal products, it is inevitable that the world’s military forces will increasingly use veganism to appear progressive, trendy, and virtuous. My plea to my fellow vegans: don’t fall for it.

Mary Miller ·

Conservationists File Lawsuits to Stop 'Death Sentence to Wolves' Ordered by Trump

"This delisting decision is what happens when bad science drives bad policy."

Andrea Germanos ·

In 'Brutal Blow' to Wildlife and Gift to Big Oil, Trump Finalizes Rollback of Migratory Bird Treaty Act

"The Trump administration is signing the death warrants of millions of birds across the country."

Julia Conley ·

Conservation Group to Sue Trump Officials and Agency Over Delayed Protections for 11 Species

The Center for Biological Diversity points out that Trump's presidency "is coming to an end with the worst record protecting species of any administration since the Endangered Species Act was passed."

Jessica Corbett ·

Despite 'Meager Numbers,' Trump Administration Removes Gray Wolves From Endangered Species List

"The delisting of gray wolves is the latest causality of the Trump administration's willful ignorance of the biodiversity crisis and scientific facts."

Brett Wilkins ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.