Alberto Gonzales

Jon Queally, staff writer
According to sources who spoke with McClatchy, five-year inquiry into agency's torture regime ignores key role played by Bush administration officials who authorized the abuse
Jon Queally, staff writer
Revelations about the targeting of whistleblowers, journalists and news...
Common Dreams staff
New polling shows that more Americans support torture in 2012 than they did...


As our "very stable genius," aka to Scots " weaselheaded fucknugget" - faces massive UK protests and a Trump Baby Blimp, what better time for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest project: A Showtime series exploring U.S. political figures titled "Who Is America?" Targeting Trump et al, a disguised Cohen interviewed the likes of Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin - who, not amused to be duped, calls him “evil, exploitative and sick.” Speaking of. Dick Cheney, at least, was proudly, surreally unbowed.