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More Trains, Less Planes, Mobility for All

We urgently need European governments to invest in a geographically robust and accessible railway system for everyone everywhere, not just those routes with the highest demand.

Sylvia Arthur ·

End the 'National Security' Excuse for Racial and Religious Profiling

9/11 sparked a wrongheaded wave of using race, religion, or political views as indicators for terrorism.

Faiza Patel ·

Amazon's Relentless Surveillance Must Be Stopped

The company continues its relentless crusade to monopolize markets, crush rivals, and extract as much data as possible from unsuspecting consumers and third-party merchants.

Daniel A. Hanley ·

Happy Birthday, Medicare: You Showed That Public, Universal Health Insurance Is Superior

We must immediately end our moral crime of having the greatest health system in the world, but only for those who can afford it.

F. Douglas Stephenson ·

Covid-19 Cases Are Rising Among the Vaccinated—It's Not Because Vaccines Aren't Working

There are several factors at play that explain why such a high proportion of cases are in the fully vaccinated.

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce ·

The Envy of Trump

According to reports, the change in leadership in Haiti was orchestrated by Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian-born citizen who had lived in Florida for more than 20 years.

Christopher Brauchli ·

Only Electric Cars Can Save the Planet

A new study shows that for Europe and North America, in only 10 years electric cars will be as much as three-fourths less carbon intensive over their life-cycle than internal combustion automobiles.

Juan Cole ·

35 Years Later, Looking Back at the Founding of FAIR

One of FAIR's main goals was to take what had been a marginalized progressive media critique and push that critique into the faces of mainstream journalists.

Jeff Cohen ·

How Face Recognition Fuels Racist Systems of Policing and Immigration—And Why Congress Must Act Now

When used by police and immigration enforcement, biometric surveillance technology can perpetuate an already dangerous racist system.

Ashley Del Villar ·

Deadly Disparity: Closing the Tree Equity Divide

A project in Los Angeles could help communities that lack tree canopy and provide a much-needed tool to protect residents from dangerous temperatures.

Tara Lohan ·

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