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Introducing Giorgia Meloni: How the United States Opened the Door for Fascism's Return to Italy

With the help of people like Steve Bannon, Meloni was able to rise like a toxic slime on the surface of a sea of contaminated waste.

Michael Leonardi ·

The Spoils of War: Why Boston is No Longer the "Athens of America"

The military industrial complex in Massachusetts has continued to grow and prosper over recent years.

Tom Valovic ·

A Carbon Tax Will Only Go So Far

"There is a lot of talk about zero-carbon-2050 but no real plan of how to get there. A Global Carbon Allowance Trading System offers a road map that involves us all."

Simon Whalley ·

We Can Solve the Climate Crisis Without Worrying About Population

"There are technical pathways to a world where 10 billion people can live well and stay within the biophysical limits of the planet's environmental systems."

Cynthia Kaufman ·

A Rapid Green Energy Transition to Save $12 Trillion and Avoid Catastrophic Tipping Points

Sounds like a bargain but we have to act fast and with deep purpose.

David Suzuki ·

A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Will Save Lives

"The climate crisis is a public health crisis... And poor people, and in particular poor people of color, are getting hit the hardest."

Ira Helfand ·

Joe Manchin Is My Senator, But We Need Your Help to Defeat His Dirty Deal

Tell your members of Congress to protect the National Environmental Policy Act and put a stop to this fossil fuel industry giveaway.

Maury Johnson ·

It's Lower-Income Families Who Will Be Hit Hardest by Fed Rate Hikes

Let's not pretend we don't understand who will be punished here.

Dean Baker ·

Direct Cash Transfers Lifted 28 Million Americans Out of Poverty During Pandemic

Nevertheless, 112 million people in the United States were still poor or one emergency away from being poor in 2021, showing how far we have left to go.

Shailly Gupta Barnes ·

Where Is the Mass Mobilized Movement for Medicare for All?

It wouldn't take more than 1% of the U.S. population to rise up and get organized behind key popular demands to make them a reality and yet we continue to endlessly wait.

Ralph Nader ·

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