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Kushner's Abraham Accords Didn't Produce Israel-Palestine Peace and Are Increasingly Irrelevant

When the Palestinian-Israeli conflict blew up this spring, the Palestinians showed that they were refusing to go quietly and to just drop dead, as Mr. Kushner clearly desired from them.

Juan Cole ·

There Is Nothing 'Civil' or Humane About the Detention of Noncitizens

The system itself is rotten—plagued by death, abuse, impunity, and violence.

Sarah Sherman-Stokes ·

Many Members of the Republican Party Are Not Conservatives, They're Extremists

By mislabelling the radical members of the Republican Party "conservative," the mainstream media gives them a veneer of respectability.

John Feffer ·

Arguments Against the Appointment of the Man Nicknamed 'Rambo' to the Post of U.S. Ambassador to Japan

The left wing of the Democratic Party has strongly opposed the appointment of Mr. Emanuel to the post of ambassador to Japan.

Koji Sonoda ·

Ending Poverty in the Richest Country on Earth

Let's be clear: poverty exists because we allow it to exist.

Barbara Lee ·

Memorial Day Can't Hide Biden's Bloated Pentagon Budget

Total spending on the Pentagon and related work on nuclear weapons at the Department of Energy will top $750 billion, one of the highest levels ever—substantially higher than the peaks of the Korean or Vietnam wars or the Reagan buildup of the 1980s.

William Hartung ·

White Republicans Are Less Supportive of Black Lives Matter After Consuming Right-Wing Media

The attacks on BLM were not limited to Carlson; they went wall-to-wall at Fox.

Julie Hollar ·

This Time, the World and the International Criminal Court Is Watching

Despite attacks against the ICC, the court is proceeding with its investigation of war crimes in Palestine.

Mark Kersten ·

Here's How to End the Filibuster and Protect Democracy

It will take a carefully constructed, step-by-step strategy by the Senate Democratic leadership, in coordination with grassroots organizations—to potentially bring Manchin and Sinema around.

Miles Mogulescu ·

I Think I Was a Lobbyist for the Koch Brothers—I Just Didn't Know It

In the past decade, with nearly unlimited wealth, Koch's political operation has injected hundreds of millions of dollars into elections through a constellation of nonprofits and LLCs.

Lisa Graves ·

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