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Arizona Bill Would Refer Mismatched Mail Ballot Signatures to Prosecutors

Turning simple signature issues into a potential criminal matter would discourage people from voting.

Marian K. Schneider ·

Toward Disability Justice: Don't Forget the Plastic That Gives Me Freedom

Recycling and manufacturing "green" medical supplies seems not to be an issue for environmentalists. But it should be.

Luticha Andre Doucette ·

My Son Was Killed in Iraq 14 Years Ago—Who's Responsible?

The Islamic Republic? George W. Bush? Both answers feel like evasions.

Andrew Bacevich ·

We Still Live Here: Coal Activists Fight On in Heart-Wrenching New Film

As The Both of Me makes clear, the self-destruction of Appalachia has never ended.

Jeff Biggers ·

Medicare for None: A Response to the State-Based Universal Health Care Act of 2021

Proponents of a state-based universal healthcare approach believe states can be incubators for change, and that ultimately, once one state shows the way, all states will follow—but we have yet to see any evidence of this.

Ana Malinow ·

The Ugly Truth: Republicans Want More Poverty and Crime

And you can bet your bottom dollar they'll continue complaining about the crime that they’ve created, particularly in the election ads they’ll start running next year.

Thom Hartmann ·

Biden's Climate Plan Sparked GOP Panic Over Masculinity and Red Meat

Republican politics often use meat to mobilize an image of working-class, masculine toughness, or heartland American patriotism.

Cat Tebaldi ·

Alongside Bills to Tackle Nonexistent Voter Fraud, State Lawmakers Take On Variety of Topics

In South Carolina, the Legislature added a third method the condemned can select in order to enter the state prescribed state—the firing squad.

Christopher Brauchli ·

Energy Road Map Charts Challenging Course to Oil-Free Future

By 2050, 90% of global electricity generation could come from renewable sources, 70% from solar photovoltaic and wind.

David Suzuki ·

Abortion Access Is at Stake, But We Will Do Everything We Can to Keep Our Clinic's Doors Open

Arkansas legislators are trying to make abortion inaccessible, so we're taking them to court.

Lori Williams ·

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