Jaime Harrison

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), left, and Jaime Harrison, right, chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), wait to greet US President Joe Biden at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina for a campaign event on January 8, 2024.

(Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)

Calling BS on the DNC's Bogus Pre-Convention Nomination of Biden

The DNC is still insisting on the early August 7 virtual nomination “to be safe.” Safe from what?

The very definition of gaslighting is to tell people to believe what someone falsely claims to be true, not what people can clearly see with their “lying eyes.” One example is Democratic leaders telling voters that President Joe Biden just had an “off night” when those who watched the debate could clearly see he has significant cognitive decline.

The latest example of gaslighting by the Democratic National Committee is continuing to insist that its presidential nominee must be officially nominated by a “virtual roll call” on August 7—nearly two weeks ahead of the in-person Democratic National Convention on August 19-22—in order for the candidate to qualify for the Ohio ballot in November. Do you want to believe the DNC’s false claim? Or do you want to believe your lying eyes by reading the actual law in Ohio that was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor? That law states in plain English:

“Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

SECTION 1. (A) Notwithstanding any provision of the Revised Code to the contrary:

(1) A major political party shall certify to the Secretary of State in writing the names of its candidates for president and vice-president nominated by its national convention pursuant to section 3505.10 of the Revised Code not later than the sixty-fifth day before the 2024 general election [emphasis added]. The political party may transmit the certification to the Secretary of State by any reasonably reliable method that, under the circumstances, will provide for the Secretary of State to receive it by the deadline, including by any of the following methods:

(a) Hand delivery;
(b) Certified, express, or ordinary mail delivery by the United States Postal Service;
(c) Commercial carrier service;
(d) Facsimile transmission;
(e) Electronic mail.
(2) The secretary of state shall certify the forms of the official ballots to be used at the 2024 general election not later than the sixtieth day before the day of that election.”

If the DNC wants to bother reading a calendar, they will see that 65 days before the general election is September 1, a full 10 days after the end of the Democratic Convention in Chicago. That is plenty of time to certify the names of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates nominated at the Convention.

So the DNC’s continued insistence that it must still hold a “virtual roll-call” officially anointing the party’s nominees on August 7 in order to qualify for the Ohio ballot is pure BS, a classic example of gaslighting.

(To put this in context, Ohio formerly had a law that required the nominee to be certified at least 90 days before the election, which was the DNC’s original justification for the early August 7 virtual roll call. But Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called a special session of the Ohio legislature which enacted the 65 day deadline referenced above.)

But with Ohio’s new law enacted, the need to officially nominate the candidates before the Convention has been completely erased. Nevertheless, the DNC is still insisting on the early August 7 virtual nomination “to be safe.” Safe from what? The only logical reason is for the DNC to try to put their thumbs on the scale ensure there’s so little time between now and the virtual nomination to make it even more difficult for Biden to be replaced by a more viable alternative.

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