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Peter Hart,

Biden's Offshore Lease Sale Makes Mockery of Climate Rhetoric

White House inaccurately claims a court decision requires lease sales


Today, the Biden administration will conduct the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in the nation's history -- a massive giveaway of 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico. While Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and President Biden alike have stressed their climate credentials over the years, this action speaks louder than all of the words coming from the administration.

Earlier this month, hundreds of organizations signed this letter to President Biden urging his administration to cancel the lease sale.

Food & Water Watch Policy Director Mitch Jones released the following statement:

"President Biden's decision to carry forward with these new offshore drilling leases is a clear demonstration of where his priorities lie when it comes to climate policy. The president tells voters that he will stop fracking on our public lands -- and then continue handing out drilling permits by the hundreds. He calls the climate crisis an existential threat, and then takes actions that only enhance the threat to people and our planet for generations to come."

"The administration claims that a court loss requires them to sell these parcels. But that is not true; the White House has always had several other legal avenues it could pursue if it chose to do so. Not only has the White House refused to do so, it has gone so far as to argue that the decades of new drilling unleashed by this move would have no effect on the climate crisis.

"We came to expect climate denial from the Trump administration. With Biden, tragedy has turned to farce, as administration officials speak about confronting the climate crisis, while carrying on the deadly and dirty fossil fuel status quo."

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