The Safest Way to Protect Water from Fracking is to Ban Fracking

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The Safest Way to Protect Water from Fracking is to Ban Fracking

As a state legislative committee holds a public hearing on LD 1453, “An Act To Regulate Hydraulic Fracturing To Prevent Threats to Maine's Drinking Water,” Food & Water Watch Senior Organizer Nisha Swinton released the following statement:

“Maine lawmakers are right to be concerned about fracking’s threat to our drinking water. But it is clear that the only way to protect drinking water from the harms associated with oil and gas drilling is with an outright ban on fracking. 

“We are wary of the ambiguity in the current language of this bill, which would appear to give Governor LePage’s Department of Environmental Protection the authority to allow activities that we know are fundamentally dangerous. As we have sadly learned in other states, the truth is there is no way to 'regulate' fracking to make it safe.”

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