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Does Newsday Bow to Political Pressure?

Strupp finds "significant evidence" suggesting newspaper heavily influenced by County Executive Steve Levy

WASHINGTON - Today, Media Matters for America announced the release of investigative reporter Joe Strupp's inaugural story, titled "Is the Pressure Getting to Newsday?" -- a startling look at the Long Island newspaper's relationship with County Executive Steve Levy.

Highlights from Strupp's investigation include:

  • At
    least two reporters assigned to beats that required them to cover Levy
    -- Bart Jones and Chau Lam -- were reassigned in recent years after he
    complained about them to Newsday's management.
  • Levy
    claimed that Jones fabricated a photo for a story about a person who
    said county officials made him homeless when they ordered a landlord to
    vacate an overcrowded home. Newsday never issued a correction, but Jones was reassigned from covering immigration and is now on the religion beat.
  • Carl MacGowan, a reporter for Newsday,
    said that Levy "absolutely takes exception with stories he doesn't like
    in ways that are remarkable" and that he is "more vindictive than other
  • A Newsday reporter
    who asked not to be identified told Strupp during the course of his
    investigation: "I think we are too deferential to local elected
    officials too often."
  • Levy's
    efforts to control the press are particularly evident when it comes to
    coverage of his stance on immigration. Patrick Young, a lawyer who
    blogs for Long Island Wins, said "We have heard he tries to keep
    immigrants rights advocates from being quoted."

To read Strupp's entire story, visit his new Media Matters blog, "Strupp."


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