NATO Air Strike in Afghanistan Claims Civilian Lives

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NATO Air Strike in Afghanistan Claims Civilian Lives

WASHINGTON -  This morning, an estimated 90 people were killed in Kunduz
province in northern Afghanistan, when a NATO air strike targeting two
fuel trucks caused a massive explosion.  UN reports indicate that
civilians made up dozens of those who lost their lives.  MADRE condemns
the apparent disregard exhibited by NATO and US military leadership
towards the threats to civilians in the on-going usage of air strikes
to attack Taliban targets.

Representatives at NATO today stated that, at the time of the attack,
they believed there was no civilian presence.  However, they have since
learned that civilians were present.  The air strike was purportedly
intended to target the fuel trucks hijacked by the Taliban, and NATO
investigators are currently in Kunduz province to establish whether a
"mistake" was made.  NATO representatives have also indicated their
intention to "apologize" should they determine that their actions ended
civilian lives.

Yifat Susskind, MADRE Policy and Communications Director, said today,
"The worn-out and twisted practice of issuing official 'regrets' or
'apologies' in the aftermath of such attacks has become a mantra. 
Again and again, we have seen the same scenario with the same tragic
results for Afghan civilians.  This indiscriminate killing is a known
outcome of NATO air strikes, and to claim otherwise will only put more
lives in danger."

MADRE calls for an end to the air strikes and to military attacks that destroy civilian lives.

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