GAO Calls for Greater Coordination, Monitoring of Genetically Engineered Crops

For Immediate Release

GAO Calls for Greater Coordination, Monitoring of Genetically Engineered Crops

Statement of CSPI Biotechnology Director Gregory Jaffe

WASHINGTON - The Center for Science in the Public Interest supports all of the recommendations in today's Government Accountability Office report on genetically engineered crops.
The federal government established a coordinated framework for the
regulation of GE crops more than 20 years ago. Yet, as pointed out by
GAO, the three regulatory agencies--USDA, FDA, and EPA--still do not
adequately coordinate their regulation of the food safety or
environmental consequences of these crops.

The incoming Obama Administration should implement all of
the GAO recommendations, especially one requiring post-approval
monitoring for unintended environmental and food safety consequences.
The federal government's response to that recommendation by GAO is
inadequate and short-sighted, as resources spent on post-market
monitoring would protect consumers, the environment, and our trading

The FDA should also meet its commitment to the public made
several years ago to publish on the Internet the results of its early
food safety assessments of experimental GE crops. Lack of resources and
having other safety priorities is not an excuse. Uploading decision
documents to the web should simply be normal operating procedure.




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