Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ro Khanna, and Barbara Lee to Join 12,000 Activists on No War With Iran Strategy Call

Wednesday night's call will set up the strategy for Thursday's marches against war with Iran. (Image: MoveOn)

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ro Khanna, and Barbara Lee to Join 12,000 Activists on No War With Iran Strategy Call

The call, in advance of Thursday's planned anti-war marches, begins at 8pm EST.

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Reps. Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna are joining a projected 12,000 activists and members of progressive organizations from across the country for a strategy call in advance of Thursday's planned actions against President Donald Trump's push for war with Iran.

The call, set for 8pm Wednesday, will address how to move forward with preventing the White House drive for war. Progressive advocacy group MoveOn is hosting the call. MoveOn, Win Without War, Indivisible, About Face: Veterans Against the War, and the National Iranian American Council organized Thursday's mass action.

"On the call, attendees will discuss the upcoming #NoWarWithIran events, happening tomorrow (Thursday, January 9th), get updates on the latest developments on the crisis, and learn more about how they can engage their members of Congress to stop Trump's push for war with Iran," the groups said in a statement.

Though the immediate danger of a full-scale war appears to be over at the moment--Trump stood down this morning after Iran hit back against the U.S. assassination of Major General Qasem Soleimani--the possibility of the reignition of tensions remained high.

In a lengthy opinion piece, the editors of The Nationcalled on the country to resist war:

This war is a test, and not just of leadership. Vietnam was a small country with little strategic importance or impact on the global economy, yet the US war there consumed a generation and cost millions of lives. If the war with Iran becomes a regional conflagration, its effects will be felt far beyond the Middle East and beyond the troops who make up our volunteer armed forces. For all of us--but especially the young, who will have to pay the highest price in blood, economic disruption, and environmental disaster--now is the time to take to the streets and stop this war. Because this is a test we dare not fail.

Trump's not the only person in Washington that activists need to watch out for, wrote journalist Rob Rousseau at Paste Magazine Wednesday--the architects of the Iraq War are still around and wielding influence.

"The threat of war is still going to be hanging over all of us for the foreseeable future," said Rousseau. "Until it is gone for good, we must remember what happened last time we took war propagandists seriously. They might have faced very little actual career consequences for their role in selling the last disastrous war, but that doesn't mean we owe them civility, respect or the benefit of the doubt."

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