New Poll Shows 58 Percent of Canadians See Socialism Positively

A new poll reveals that 58 percent of Canadians view socialism positively. Just 42 percent of Americans expressed that view in a separate recent poll. (Image: Democratic Socialists of America/Facebook)

New Poll Shows 58 Percent of Canadians See Socialism Positively

Canadians "see socialism far more favorably than do our American friends."

A new poll out released in August finds that 58 percent of Canadians have a positive view of socialism, and 18 percent have a very positive view of it.

The survey of 1,733 voters was conducted by Forum Research July 26th-28th, 2019, roughly two months before Canadians head to the polls for the general election.

According to the new poll, Canadians most likely to view socialism positively are aged 35-44, with 65 percent in that age group expressing that view. More years of formal education also tracked with more positive views of socialism; the highest levels of support (65 percent) came from those with a post graduate degree.

Those planning on voting for the Canada's New Democrats (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh, were most likley to view socialism positively at 85 percent. Supporters of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party were also likely (74 percent) to view it favorably, while those backing the Conservatives --28 percent--were the least likely to have a positive view of socialism.

The Forum poll also shed light on Canadians' views of capitalism, and how their views on the two issues contrast with those of Americans.

The majority of Canadians--58 percent--said they viewed capitalism positively.

That opinion was held strongest by those making over $100,000 (68 percent), those with a post-graduate degree (62 percent), and those most likely to vote for the Conservatives (77 percent).

To contrast the findings with Americans' views, Forum pointed to a recent Pew Research poll that showed 42 percent of Americans have a positive view of socialism, while 65 percent have a positive view of capitalism.

Sixty-five percent of Democrats had a positive view of socialism compared to just 27 percent of Republicans.

Americans' views on capitalism revealed a partisan divide as well, with 78 percent of Republicans expressing a positive view compared to 55 percent of Democrats.

"Unlike our neighbors to the south," said Forum Research president Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, "Canadians hold overall positive opinions of both socialism and capitalism, but see socialism far more favorably than do our American friends."

"Both Canadians and Americans alike see capitalism favorably," added Bozinoff. "While Canadians support for socialism and capitalism are divided along party lines, it is not nearly as drastic as shown in the United States."

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