Pointing Out Ivanka's Complicity in Anti-Choice, Anti-Equality Administration, First Daughter's Tweet Celebrating Women's Empowerment Panned

Ivanka Trump drew criticism on Sunday with a tweet celebrating Women's Equality Day--with many pointing out that the administration she is working in actively works against women's equality. (Photo: World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr/cc)

Pointing Out Ivanka's Complicity in Anti-Choice, Anti-Equality Administration, First Daughter's Tweet Celebrating Women's Empowerment Panned

"Ivanka Trump is not suitable for any role in the area of empowering women. She betrays women daily."

While Americans across the country observed Women's Equality Day by expressing gratitude for the work of previous generations of feminists and pledged to continue fighting for equal pay, reproductive freedom, and other rights, hundreds were incensed when President Donald Trump's older daughter claimed to advocate for women's "empowerment."

"When women around the globe are empowered to fully and freely participate in all aspects of society, the world will be more safe, just and prosperous for all!" wrote Ivanka, who serves as a senior adviser to the president.

Ivanka's tweet came a day before she was scheduled to speak about the administration's "efforts to advance women's empowerment in the Americas" at the Organization of American States (OAC) headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The tweeted message and Ivanka's planned talk were viewed as direct contradictions to her father's administration, which has shuttered the White House Office of Women and Girls and scrapped an Obama-era rule mandating that companies report pay data in order to root out wage discrimination.

The president also said in 2016 that women who seek abortion care should face "some form of punishment," and has nominated two anti-choice judges to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an interview with CBS last year, Ivanka denied that she was "complicit" in her father's administration. She has frequently attempted to sanitize Trump's presidency and policies by claiming to fight for paid maternity leave while releasing a plan that would only offer leave at the expense of senior citizens, and claiming to be "vehemently against" the separation of thousands of families at the U.S.-Mexico border under the administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy--while staying silent on the issue until August, when the crisis had gone on for three months.

On Twitter, Ivanka's Women's Equality Day tweet garnered nearly 2,000 responses, many from people pointing out that her active involvement in an administration that has worked toward stripping millions of American women of their health insurance and is moving toward eliminating basic reproductive rights for women, speaks far louder about her views on women's rights than a statement on social media.

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