On Climate Change, Obama Lays Down a Scientific Gauntlet for Trump Administration

Just in time for Donald Trump's anti-science administration, the White House released the latest assesement of the "state of knowledge on human-induced climate change." (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On Climate Change, Obama Lays Down a Scientific Gauntlet for Trump Administration

Unveiling a sobering state-of-the-climate report, President Obama makes clear the dire consequences of unabated global warming.

Inside Climate News

As if parading its best evidence against an expected onslaught of climate denial, the Obama Administration released on Thursday an updated compendium of the accepted science about global warming.

The science review is intended to guide the preparation of the government's next National Climate Assessment, a periodic comprehensive report scheduled to be released in in 2018. The last assessment was published in 2014.

With the entire Obama climate agenda expected to come under assault by the Donald Trump regime, this report, released in draft form for comment by experts, lays down a marker for the climate consensus. It may well become a benchmark against which the next administration will be measured.

It is not just a map of the known climate science. It is also a political chessboard on which a high-stakes tug of war over science, energy policy and ideology may play out in the months ahead.

"This report is a comprehensive and updated assessment of the state of knowledge on human-induced climate change," the White House said as it announced the draft, "including observed and future projected changes in temperatures, precipitation patterns, extreme-weather events, sea-level rise, and ocean acidification, focused primarily on the United States."

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