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Common Dreams Readers Overwhelmingly Opposed to US War in Syria: Poll

Poll received most responses out of any Common Dreams reader survey in the past

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Mirroring a series of recent nationwide polls that show an overwhelming majority of Americans answering "No" to the question of whether the U.S. should intervene militarily in Syria, Common Dreams' readers are also strongly against the prospect of war.

According to our internal poll, which received over 20 thousand responses—the most responses out of any Common Dreams reader survey conducted in the past—results show that 89.12% of readers do not support giving President Obama congressional authorization to launch a so-called “limited and focused” military operation in Syria. Among respondents, 5.48% were undecided on the issue and only 5.4% supported authorization. In contrast, 10% of the survey respondents were non-U.S. citizens, and among them, a striking 94.6% opposed U.S. military operations in Syria.

Likewise, 87.1% said that U.S. military action would lead to deeper U.S. involvement in Syria. Only 3.67% were convinced that the strike could stay "limited".

Mistrust for the White House's claims remained high throughout the survey, with 74.2% of respondents indicating that they do not believe President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, or the U.S. intelligence community regarding the case presented, the reality on the ground, or allegations made about recent incidents in Syria.

In addition, only 10.7% of readers are convinced there is clear and credible evidence, as yet to be detailed by the White House, that it was conclusively the Syrian government, with the backing of President Bashar al-Assad, that used chemical weapons against civilians last month.

61% said they were not convinced by the administration's claims, while 28% were not sure.

According to the survey, Common Dreams' readers are also overwhelmingly committed to letting lawmakers know how they feel about the proposed war, with almost 84% saying they would let their representatives in Congress know their opinion before it came to a vote.

See below to find the rest of the results:

(Click here to see all 4,474 comments from those that elaborated on their "Other" response to question #4.)


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