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US Continues Drone Blitz on Yemen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. continues its drone assault on Yemen, with three attacks on Thursday alone killing a dozen people.

Eight drone strikes have hit the country in the last two weeks.

The latest strike brings the death toll of people labeled "militants" killed by drone attacks in Yemen to 34 since July 27, AP reports, citing security officials.

While six of the people killed in the Thursday morning attack in the province of Marib were identified by locals as al-Qaida Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) militants, it's not just militants terrorized by the strikes.

"We're fed up," the Guardian quotes Nasser Muhtam, the head of a Marib-based NGO, as saying. "Our houses are shaking and our children are scared during the morning of Eid, when we should be celebrating."

On Friday, Yemeni officials said that seven of the casualties from Thursday's strikes labeled as al-Qaeda militants were Saudis.


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