Arab Women Uprising: A Cyber-Call for Justice

Reem from Palestine holds her sign of support. (photo: The uprising of women in the Arab world / Facebook)

Arab Women Uprising: A Cyber-Call for Justice

Facebook groups calls for equal rights, end to violence against women

A group has issued a cyber-call demanding justice and equal rights for women in the Arab world.

In a Facebook page launched in October, "The uprising of women in the Arab world" denounces violence against women, demands an end to "treatment as second class citizens" and calls for a "solidarity network."

Their Facebook page includes statements and photos of women from around the Arab world and their supporters with words of self-determination, strength and solidarity.

Zeinab from Lebanon holds a sign reading: "I'm with the Uprising of Women in the Arab World because I am the MASTER and PROTAGONIST of MY life, not merely an extra."

Amira from Yemen says, "I am half the society, why can't you see that?"

The group's supporters also include men from the Arab world, as well as women from other parts of the world including Poland, Puerto Rico and China, who have expressed their solidarity.

See more on the group's Twitter feed and their Facebook page.

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