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25,000 Rally Against Austerity in Germany

'Blockupy Frankfurt' protesters: "When unfairness becomes the rule, resistance becomes a duty."

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"We're protesting against the Europe-wide policy of impoverishment by the troika," said a spokesperson for the 'Blockupy' movement. (photo: martinkrolikowski)

Four days of actions from "Blockupy Frankfurt" culminated today in a demonstration of 25,000 against the misery of troika-led austerity.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is part of the "troika," which also includes the International Monetary Fund and European Union, and has its headquarters in Frankfurt.  While the troika has forced austerity measures as a reaction to the eurozone debt crisis, it has harmed growth, led to spikes in unemployment and brought misery on the people.

Today's demonstration from Blockupy Frankfurt is the fourth day of action for calls to "occupy" financial districts and "block" the ECB and other banks.

"We're protesting against the Europe-wide policy of impoverishment by the troika," said a spokesperson for the 'Blockupy' movement.

The Critican Legal Thinking blog reports that the anti-austerity sentiment seemed to be embraced by the people of Frankfurt, despite police attempts at creating provocations. "Smiling Frankfurters waved from windows, held out banners, and even threw water, sweets and biscuits into the hands of cheering demonstrators. The crude attempt by the authorities somehow to instigate a riot in this area, thus affecting ordinary people, became a confirmation of the general support for Blockupy’s cause," the blog noted.

A correspondent for Agence France-Presse reports that protesters held signs saying, "The eurozone is in ruins" and "When unfairness becomes the rule, resistance becomes a duty."

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Reuters: Anti-austerity march in Frankfurt

Police closed off main roads in the centre of Frankfurt and set up check points on highways around the city as part of a heavy security operation to protect Germany's financial capital.

The protesters are angry at the misery they say governments are inflicting on people with their response to the crisis, which has intensified since inconclusive elections in Greece this month fueled concerns about its future in the euro zone.

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RT video on Friday's arrests and Saturday's plans:  

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