An Appropriately Populist Anti-Bailout Rant

An Appropriately Populist Anti-Bailout Rant

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich responded appropriately Sunday, when
House and Senate leaders announced early a bipartisan agreement for a
variation on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion
(plus-plus-plus) bailout plan Wall Street.

Kucinich wasn't buying into the idea that everyone in Congress would
climb on board for the bailout. "If the votes were there, this would be
on the floor. The votes aren't there," Kucinich said Sunday.

Clearly, the congressman was not on board.

On the floor of House Sunday, Kucinich declared that:

That Kucinich is spot-on comes as no great surprise.

When he bid for the Democratic presidential nomination this year, he
spoke more consistently and more bluntly about the economic crisis than
any of the other contenders.

Kucinich was not treated particularly seriously the media or his fellow Democratic candidates.

Now that Kucinich has been proven right, however, Barack Obama might
want to pay attention to what the former mayor, state legislator and
veteran congressman is saying.

He actually gets it.

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