Mitchell Plitnick

Mitchell Plitnick is the former Director of the US Office of B’Tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories and was previously the Director of Education and Policy for Jewish Voice for Peace. He is a widely published and respected policy analyst. Born in New York City, raised an Orthodox Jew and educated in Yeshiva, Mitchell grew up in an extremist environment that passionately supported the radical Israeli settler movement. Plitnick regularly speaks all over the country on current issues. His writing has appeared in the Jordan Times, Israel Insider, UN Observer, Middle East Report, Global Dialogue, San Francisco Chronicle, Die Blaetter Fuer Deutsche Und Internationale Politik, Outlook, and in a regular column for a time in Tikkun Magazine.

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Speaking in a web broadcast organized by the so-called Democratic Majority for Israel, Blinken stated bluntly that Biden "would not tie military assistance to Israel to any political decisions it makes, full stop."(Photo: Matt Smith Photographer / Shutterstock) Views
Friday, May 22, 2020
Key Biden Adviser Offers Little Hope for Palestinians
When presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, it was no secret that his role in Israel policy was largely to reassure Israel’s government and their supporters in the United States that Obama had their back. It was Biden who was tasked with reminding...
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 Two Israeli Soldiers guard a checkpoint in Hebron dividing zones H1 from H2 with Palestinian children standing at the other side of the fence. (Photo: June 2016, via Shutterstock) Views
Thursday, January 30, 2020
Call It an 'Apartheid Plan'—Trump’s New Neo-Colonial Proposal Cements Palestinian Subjugation
On Tuesday, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu beaming beside him, President Donald Trump finally unveiled his “Deal of the Century” for Israel and the Palestinians. This was more than an attempt to draw attention away from Trump’s impeachment and Netanyahu’s indictment , which was...
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Trump used the UNGA platform yesterday for bluster and the needless ratcheting up of tensions. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Beating War Drums at the UN
Just a few sentences into Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) yesterday, the entire world was laughing at the President of the United States. Reactions to the rest of his speech might have vacillated between anger and ridicule, while his loyal base and administration...
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Sunday, July 15, 2018
Trump’s Scorched Earth Tour of Europe
Like many other US citizens, I get very nervous every time Donald Trump goes to meet with foreign leaders. Whether they are friend, foe, competitor, or ally, it seems almost inevitable that Trump will find a creative way to come up with a negative result from the meeting. His current trip hasn’t...
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"As outraged as many supporters of diplomacy have been at Trump’s appointments and policies, Bolton’s appointment reaches a new level." (Photo: File/AP) Views
Friday, March 23, 2018
John Bolton: The Essential Profile
After weeks of rumors, President Donald Trump today replaced National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster with former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. Many foreign policy analysts and advocates immediately expressed deep concern and dismay at Bolton’s appointment. Former Assistant...
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Nominee For US Ambassador to Israel Should Set Off Alarm Bells
With his nomination of attorney David Friedman as the new United States Ambassador to Israel, President-elect Donald Trump has sent a very clear message that he intends to shift U.S. policy away from its decades-long commitment to ending the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 and establishing an...
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Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Escalating Violence In Israel, West Bank Is The Result Of Failed Peace Process
In what has almost become an annual ritual, an upsurge in violence has again put Jerusalem on edge. Originally centered on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount area in Jerusalem’s Old City, the clashes have now spread beyond, into the West Bank. Israeli journalist Amos Harel wrote yesterday that...
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Friday, July 24, 2015
Correcting the Critics of the Iran Nuclear Deal
From the standpoint of U.S. security, the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program announced on July 14 is a very good one. Iran consented to a significant rollback of its nuclear capacity and to a level of monitoring far exceeding any other country. The main goal of the U.S. and its partners has been...
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Secretary of State John Kerry. 'The U.S. failure,' writes the author, 'goes well beyond the usual absurdity of the global superpower pretending to act as an honest broker in a conflict that involves an ally whose relationship with the U.S. is routinely described as “unshakeable” and is a regional superpower involved in a forty-seven year occupation of a completely powerless people.' Views
Monday, May 05, 2014
A Tragedy of Errors: US Incompetence in Israel-Palestine Talks
On May 2 Israel’s most widely read newspaper, Yediot Ahoronot, published an article that blows the lid off the failure of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempt to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. Nahum Barnea, one of Israel’s best-known reporters, got several U.S. officials who were...
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech during a ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 27, 2014 at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. (Credit: Olivier Fitoussi) Views
Monday, April 28, 2014
Bibi’s Use of Holocaust Memory: Not Just Wrong, An Obscenity
April 28 is the day on which Jews all around the world commemorate the Holocaust. It’s an important day, a somber time for obvious reasons. One would think it would be treated with respect, especially by self-defined “Jewish leaders.” And yet, it comes as no surprise that at least one such leader,...
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