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John Buell has a PhD in political science, taught for 10 years at College of the Atlantic, and was an Associate Editor of The Progressive for ten years. He lives in Southwest Harbor, Maine and writes on labor and environmental issues. His most recent book, published by Palgrave in August 2011, is "Politics, Religion, and Culture in an Anxious Age." He may be reached at

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These exculpatory views survived even amidst the elevation of Elliott Abrams, the war criminal architect of brutal Central American policy late last century. (Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP) Views
Thursday, June 06, 2019
From Guatemala to Moscow to Washington, Neoliberalism and Privatization Driving Our Crises
To the corporate media, history goes back only as far as yesterday. Thus the media portray the chaos and violence in Central America as though this is just a case of stuff happens. Or all of a sudden millions decided to come north in search of a better life. And these exculpatory views survived...
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Our citizens are facing a broad, multifaceted attack on democracy itself. (Photo: jerry dohnal/flickr/cc) Views
Friday, April 05, 2019
“Free” Markets and the Attack on Democracy
Many US citizens take comfort in the conviction that progress toward democracy has been steady even if stalled or even periodically reversed. History is on our side. Early in the post Revolutionary period the right to vote was extended to all white men, even those who held no property. Women...
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 Suspicions were intensified by war gamers’ determination to make the play as close to the real thing as possible, right down to wheeling out pretend nuclear warheads, use of encrypted messages, and periods of total silence., all warlike actions.(Photo: tofoli.douglas/flickr/public domain) Views
Wednesday, March 06, 2019
Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Back: Why We Need a New Peace Movement
MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is truly mad. At the height of the Cold War some military analysts and planners maintained that parity in weapons that would destroy civilization prevented either side from resort to those weapons. Parity, however, is a slippery concept, especially in an...
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Perhaps the strike is not really extinct. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Friday, February 08, 2019
Labor Strikes, Once Blunted by GOP and Corporations, are Back and Shaping Public Policy
If President Trump does try to start back up the government shutdown this month, he may face an insuperable obstacle. Just days before the (temporary?) ending of the government shutdown long time left scholar and activist Barbara Ehrenreich and former Teamster organizer Gary Stevenson urged TSA...
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The vast accumulation of wealth at the top is matched by inordinate concentrations of political power. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, January 10, 2019
Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Right that Tax Justice is Key to our Democratic Prospect?
There is surprisingly widespread support for higher taxes on the rich. Americans have typically felt that one should keep what one earns. Many are also convinced that they will one day become rich, hence the popularity of lotteries, which reflect and help sustain that belief. Dean Baker, co-founder...
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
The Yellow Vests Rise Up Against the Elites and Neoliberal Austerity
While Americans have been preoccupied by the nostalgic reminiscence and burial of a former president, French citizens have been engaged in mass civil disobedience enacted by the gilets juanes or “Yellow Vests,” the roadside safety vests French drivers are required to have. This action reflects and...
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The Fasclican Party is a creative formation forged out of the old Republican Party and the Alt-Right. Its most renowned leaders are Trump, Bannon, Hannity, McConnell, King, Nunes, Limbaugh, Miller, Ingraham and Kavanaugh. (Photo: Getty) Views
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Defeating the Fasc-Lican Party
After the election I received a provocative letter from my friend and mentor Bill Connolly, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins and author of Aspirational Fascism: The Struggle for Multifaceted Democracy under Trumpism. Bill has had a long and distinguished career in...
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One perhaps fortuitous outcome of the Kavanaugh confirmation may be the recognition that the Supreme Court is inherently political. (Photo: Supreme Court/Screenshot) Views
Friday, October 12, 2018
After Mitch McConnell’s Coup: Democratizing the Court, Democratizing America
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell treats the exercise of the democratic right peacefully to assemble as mob rule. This exercise in democratic liberty that McConnell abhors has been necessitated because our democracy is seriously flawed—thanks in part to the anti-democratic coups McConnell’s...
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Pregnant women must sacrifice their careers, comfort, health, and sometimes even lives to have a baby. (Bloomberg/Getty Images)  Views
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Men’s Bodies and the Politics of Abortion
Regardless of one’s evaluation of his overall performance, Judge Brett Kavanaugh merits an A for his ability to sidestep or evade questions on any controversial issue. I get the impression that he spent hours practicing non-answer answers to a familiar battery of anticipated questions. Whether...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for New York's 14th congressional district, spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday night about her bold progressive agenda. Views
Tuesday, July 03, 2018
Not Extreme: Sanders’ and Ocasio-Cortez’s Leftism Has Been Core to the Democratic Party
One of the most widely stated and often unquestioned pearls of wisdom from the Beltway pundits is the earnest complaint that our politics has become ever more partisan. A strident populism manifested in President Trump opposes the left extremism of Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren. Oh for the days...
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