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Why are the billionaires always laughing?

Because they know the corporate media will never call bullshit on their bullshit.

John Buell

John Buell

John Buell has a PhD in political science, taught for 10 years at College of the Atlantic, and was an Associate Editor of The Progressive for ten years. He lives in Southwest Harbor, Maine and writes on labor and environmental issues. His most recent book, published by Palgrave in August 2011, is "Politics, Religion, and Culture in an Anxious Age." 

Articles by this author


Our Health Depends on Indigenous Botanical Knowledge and Plants That Are Rapidly Being Destroyed

The decline is one of the effects of the industrial modernization that is supposed to have brought increasing comfort, health, and advanced knowledge into our lives.

John Buell ·

Public Origins of Covid Vaccine Technology Expose Indecency of Big Pharma Pandemic Profits

"Enough is enough—we must start putting people before profits."

John Buell ·

Living on a Newly Unrecognizable Planet

The massive storms in Germany, heat domes, and fires that produce their own weather suggest that models of linear progress may no longer be appropriate for storms of this magnitude and intensity.

John Buell ·

Dear NPR: The Stock Market Is Not the Economy

Rather than stock market prices I would rather be regularly informed about hunger in America.

John Buell ·

Generous Unemployment Benefits Are Not the Problem—Poverty Wages are

Business interests maintain their goal is merely to fill the slots with qualified candidates, but in fact they aim to fashion a cadre of workers who will accept, even actively seek, any job, no matter how demeaning or dangerous.

John Buell ·

There's No Restaurant Worker Shortage, Only a Shortage of Safe Jobs With Adequate Pay

If you believe in its omniscience, the market is signaling corporations and businesses that employers must offer more.

John Buell ·

Will Movement for People's Vaccine Open Doors to Larger Revolt Against Big Pharma?

A TRIPS suspension may only be a first step, but it is an important one. It puts in play questions of who really makes and who profits from these miraculous vaccines.

John Buell ·

Big Pharma Patents on Covid-19 Vaccines Must Be Waived to Save the World

In the long term we must treat public health as a common good, a good upon which all of our virtues depend

John Buell ·

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