Fiore Longo

Fiore Longo is a Research and Advocacy Officer at Survival international, the global movement for tribal peoples, as well as Co-ordinator of Survival France. She works on Survival's conservation campaign and has visited many communities threatened with eviction from conservation zones in India and Republic of Congo. She is currently leading Survival's campaign against the creation of Messok Dja National Park.

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The truth is that tribal people are the best conservationists and understand their environment better than anyone else.(Photo: Survival International) Views
Friday, May 24, 2019
A Colonialist Land Grab Is Happening Right Now in Congo
It was cold when I arrived in Brussels, yet in the sumptuous atrium of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, it didn’t feel cold at all. This lavish building was formerly known as the Palace of the Colonies, and in the late 1800s it served as a paean to the Belgian “civilizing mission” in the Congo...
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