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David McWilliams, one of Ireland's leading economic commentators, is a writer, journalist, lecturer, broadcaster and documentary maker and has written four bestselling books, presented award-winning documentaries and performed an economics stand-up show. He is a regular contributor to the Financial Times and the co-founder of the world's only economics festival www.kilkenomics.com. Follow him on Twitter: @davidmcw

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The current crisis exists," writes McWilliams, "because businesses fear that other businesses with whom they are dealing every day will run out of cash. This fear is infectious." (Photo: Tim Mossholder / artistGNDphotographer / Getty Images) Views
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Central Banks Must Give Everyone Free Money. Right Now.
We are in a crisis. The health panic will be followed by an economic panic. People will stop going out, stop shopping and dramatically reduce spending. This will have an immediate impact on cashflow. Without cash, businesses will go bust. Without cash, suppliers don’t get paid and they in turn can’...
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While age is a factor, Sanders’s personal energy and dynamism belie his years. Views
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Can Bernie Sanders Fix the Broken American Dream?
Watching Sanders this morning, cajoling his troops, emoting his followers and leading them again, it is clear that what underlies his movement and gives him energy is the cause. The objective is to give more and more people access to some of the enormous wealth of this extraordinary country. “The...
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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Sanders Is Building a New Political Movement and Could Run Again
Burlington Vermont is cold in late November. Huge mounds of recently cleared snow attest to the coming of winter, which in this part of the world, just below the Canadian border and far from the warming influence of the oceans, is long, dark and absolutely freezing. The shops of Church Street are...
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