Andrea Germanos, staff writer
As reproductive rights advocates brace for likely future attacks on during Donald Trump's administration, the war on women continued in Oklahoma on Tuesday with the approval of regulations requiring the posting of anti-abortion signs in public bathrooms. Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the ACLU of Oklahoma, said that the "requirement that...
Outrage continues to grow over Scott Pruitt, the nominee to head up the...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
The earthquake in Oklahoma on Sunday that damaged dozens of buildings near the...


In the wake of Oklahoma's mangled killing of Clayton Lockett, John Oliver took on the death penalty on his show Last Week Tonight . Among the hard questions he asks: Should this be allowed in a civilized society, and why is a comedy show talking about this? "It costs up to 10 times more to give someone the death penalty than life in prison. So what we know now is the death penalty is expensive, potentially kills innocent people, and doesn't deter crime. And here is where it gets hard..."
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