Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
This post may be updated. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands to cement his aura of inevitability if he does what pollsters are predicting and sweeps four of five primary contests on what some pundits are calling " Elimination Tuesday ." The Associated Press explained on Tuesday: Overall, there are 358 pledged delegates at stake...
Jon Queally, staff writer
In a week that has already seen collective outrage in response to the treatment...


With the savage and incoherent Trump spewing his increasingly racist bile on Muslims - and his ugly GOP fellow-travelers really not far behind - consider the inspired petition by a Scottish activist to bar Trump entry to the U.K. "for his continued, unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behavior (that) foments racial, religious and nationalistic intolerance." In the same spirit of turning away from darkness toward light: Re-imagine John Lennon, killed 35 years ago today.
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