The "rhetoric of fascism" is on the rise in the U.S. and Europe, a United Nations official warned on Thursday, a disturbing trend that puts "unprecedented pressure" on human rights standards around the world. "Anti-foreigner rhetoric full of unbridled vitriol and hatred is proliferating to a frightening degree, and is increasingly unchallenged,"...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"One of the most dangerous trends in America today is the blurring of lines between fact and fiction, between propaganda and news. Bannon has stood at the vanguard of that pernicious trend and he found his vehicle in Donald Trump," wrote columnist Frida Ghitis. (Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP, overlay via The Daily Beast)
Buried amid the outcry over the white-nationalist beliefs of Steve Bannon,...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"The election of Bannon's man Donald Trump as president of the United States has made the globalization of Breitbart and its message infinitely more plausible than it ever was before." (Photo: Carlo Allegri/ Reuters)
The news that President-elect Donald Trump has appointed known anti-semite and...


With the savage and incoherent Trump spewing his increasingly racist bile on Muslims - and his ugly GOP fellow-travelers really not far behind - consider the inspired petition by a Scottish activist to bar Trump entry to the U.K. "for his continued, unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behavior (that) foments racial, religious and nationalistic intolerance." In the same spirit of turning away from darkness toward light: Re-imagine John Lennon, killed 35 years ago today.