DACA recipients and their supporters rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court on June 18, 2020 in Washington, DC. On Thursday morning, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, denied the Trump administration's attempt to end DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


"Just 10 days after the trump learned that his lease on the White House would not be extended beyond January 20, 2021, a federal court ruled that the trump efforts to reduce the number of DACA recipients in the country was invalid."

I dream in my dreams all the dreams of the other dreamers, And I become the other dreamers.

-- Walt Whitman, The Sleepers

It was poetic justice. It is, of course, hard to think of something poetic and the trump in the same thought, but that is what it was-the election and the judge's ruling.

The election, although as of this writing giving us a result not yet acknowledged by the trump, has conclusively established that in less than two months the trump, though permitted to continue living in the United States, and his dreams for reelection notwithstanding, will no longer be permitted to live in the White House. Effective at noon on January 20, 2020, legal occupancy of the White House will be given to Joe Biden and his family and the trump will have to move into one of the many properties that he owns. Although they are very expensive properties, they do not offer the status the White House does, and for that reason the trump has been unwilling to admit that he has to move out on January 20, 2021. Given his preferences, as his reluctance to concede has made clear, he would really like to be able to continue watching television in the White House, which is one of the things he has done for many hours that has made being the White House occupant fun for him. That will no longer be possible. He will have to move whether he wants to or not. And therein, the poetic justice.

Two weeks after the electorate told the trump to get out of the White House within 2 1/2 months, a federal judge told DACA recipients, known as "dreamers," that they will not be forced to leave the United States, the country in which many of them have lived since early childhood.

The trump and his minions have been trying to kick DACA recipients out of the country since the movers finished moving the trump stuff into the White House. DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, was created by the trump's predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama. Under the DACA program, young immigrants who have been living in the United States since childhood without legal permission to do so, were protected from deportation and could apply for work permits. In order to qualify, the person hoping to obtain relief under the Act had to have been under 31 years of age on June 15, 2012, the effective date of the program. In addition, someone seeking protection from deportation under the program had to have lived in the United States continuously since June 15, 2007. The DACA program was very important to those whom it impacted and was a target of the trump's dislike of those who, like his wife, entered the country as immigrants.

Throughout the time the trump has lived in the White House, the trump's efforts to end the DACA program have been unending. His efforts have not gone unchallenged by those favoring the program, with the result that his efforts have ended up being rebuffed by the United States Supreme Court as well as lower courts repeatedly. And herewith, poetic justice.

Just 10 days after the trump learned that his lease on the White House would not be extended beyond January 20, 2021 a federal court ruled that the trump efforts to reduce the number of DACA recipients in the country was invalid.

It started most recently, (although there were earlier court cases) when in June 2020 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the trump could not immediately move forward with his plan to end the DACA program. That decision produced an audible sigh of relief from the more than 650,000 dreamers who feared that their status would be terminated, and they would be subject to immediate deportation. Of course the trump is not one to give up easily. Following the Supreme Court decision, the lackey whom he installed as acting Homeland Security Secretary, aptly named Wolf, took it upon himself to again attack the DACA immigrants only to find himself beaten down by Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the Eastern district of New York. Judge Garaufis said the Wolf's actions to narrow the DACA rules in order to reduce the number of immigrants to whom it applied, were unlawful since the Wolf had not been properly appointed to the position from which he issued the order. The order was, accordingly, invalid. And herewith, poetic justice.

In less than 10 days after the electorate ordered the trump to turn over the keys of the White House to the Bidens on January 20, 2021, Dreamers were given another reprieve from the trump efforts to get them out of the country. President Elect Biden's administration will be able to offer them the protection the program was originally intended to give them without fear of mindless trumpian deportation. The only sound louder than their sigh of relief is the sigh of relief of the world that the trump has been dethroned.

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