Message to Corporate Media Reporters: What's "Natural" about Colorado's Epic Flooding? It's A Man-Made Pollution Problem

An international team of climate scientists says it is 95 to 100 percent confident that human activity--largely from burning fossil fuels--is the main cause of global warming since the 1950s, according to a leaked draft of the upcoming report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Moreover, the jet stream patterns have been radically disrupted or changed in ways that are alarming. The report, the first by the IPCC in six years released in September says that global sea levels could rise more than 3 feet in the next few decades if no action is taken to curb the worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases before then.

The weather extreme disasters are consistently confirming the scientific evidence that we are now experiencing man-made pollution writ large at "biblical proportions" and yet the corporate media anchors and reporters continue to wrongly call these weather catastrophes "natural disasters".

Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News is no exception to the mainstream reporters when he labeled the Colorado floods a "natural disaster". The operative and deceptive word here is "natural". There is nothing "natural" at all about man-made global warming. Martin Hoerling of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that "this single event has now made the calendar year (2013) the single wettest year on record for Boulder."

The media network reporters have a moral obligation to explain to the public the connection between extreme weather conditions and global warming.

The network evening news reporters, viewed by millions of people, are failing to report the scientific facts about man-made global warming and the current extreme weather disasters, recently the wildfires and Colorado floods.

To never make that connection between the two, to never even so much as utter the words "man-made climate change" and extreme flooding is like reporting on the 2010 Gulf of Mexico's worst oil catastrophe in history without ever mentioning British Petroleum's Horizon-Macondo deepwater massive explosions as the cause of that oil disaster.

We're talking about a very simple concept: Cause and Effect. The corporate media has conveniently dropped the identification of the "cause", the major leading headline of these disasters: human pollution is the primary reason why weather patterns are turning into horrific and terrifying catastrophes at the cost of billions of dollars worth of damages.

Isn't it time? How long do we have to wait for the mainstream media anchors to call it what it is? The public has a right to know what is happening to them. The media network reporters have a moral obligation to explain to the public the connection between extreme weather conditions and global warming.

Corporate media anchors and reporters must stop misleading the public. Global warming has nothing whatsoever to do with "Mother Nature" and everything to do with pollution. If anything they are "abnormal" and "un-natural". They are the result of man-made pollution, CO2 trapped emissions that is creating a "greenhouse effect".

We cannot begin to solve this global warming emergency crisis of glacier ice melts, and catastrophic hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and floods unless the people are told about the facts, the truth about man-made pollution that is now radically altering the earth's temperatures, wind and sea currents and climates.

Regarding the Colorado floods, as Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglasexplained in this recent Mother Jones article, Climate Change and Colorado Floods, "The idea that the jet stream has been altered as a result of climate change, leading to more stuck weather and more blocking patterns, is a serious one, and one that has also been brought up in relation to the odd behavior of Superstorm Sandy. I've noticed since last September, since the record ice loss in the Arctic, that the jet stream has been misbehaving, more blocking patterns in general over the northern hemisphere."

To keep calling the recurring weather extremes, which are consistently growing worse, "natural" is one of the biggest and most dangerous lies of deception to be told in our times. And every network anchor that repeats that lie is responsible for what is happening to the earth. News anchors must be held accountable for perpetuating that deceptive lie--the lie that these disasters have nothing to do with pollution by way of omission of the scientific cause linked to global warming.

If you want to know why the corporate media refuses to tell the truth just take a look at their sponsors. Big Oil spends millions of dollars for daily advertisements all day and night long on nearly all the mainstream networks: CNN, FOX, MSNBC and sister financial stations, CBS, NBC, and ABC. I suggest that the anchors go on air wearing their gas logos for Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and so on. That way the public will understand why they never report the connection between extreme weather disasters and man-made pollution (global warming).

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