The Corporate Colonization of Our Democracy

The United States of America has gotten so large, certain regions or even states, are taking on the same kind of burdens that third world colonized people have elsewhere. Americans are being colonized by a corporate-government complex right here in our own backyard.

In parts of Asia, Central and South America, and in the whole of Africa, colonization has long since created the "slave-in-place" model that worked only when the indigenous people behaved. This required a puppet ruler be put into place by the US and European countries, who have been colonizing in these continents for centuries. When it has worked for the empire countries, they have gotten along with their selected ruling elite who governed on behalf of the foreign corporations, and not at all on behalf of their citizens who suffered impoverished lives, extracting their own natural resources to hand over to the empire.

When it has not worked, is when the people resisted the colonization efforts, and we all know India as one example. Recently, with new technology, people have been getting upset about their living conditions in colonized (or even so-called post-colonized) regions, where they all get the tweets about how great life in the first world is, but suffer horrible poverty and joblessness at home in the third world.

Americans already know how good life is supposed to be in the first world, with "You can have it your way," and other $1.99 faux American Dream statements, but what's happening today is that corporations are controlling American government just like the colonizers did around the globe, and as a result, over the last several decades, life has gotten harder and worse for Americans: actually, they really aren't having it their way.

The very same colonialism we have conducted overseas has now come home to roost here in America, and that was a deep irony just waiting to happen. This comes directly from a situation where private sector corporations are funding certain US candidates to get elected, then paying countless lobbyists to influence them all day long once in office, so the laws of the cities, counties, states and federal government favor the corporations. This means people in America are getting burdened just like people in the third world, where the government does not work for them, but rather, works for the power base, the big corporate money interests: favoring the financial sector, outsourcing manufacturing jobs, increasing productivity making the worker work harder, and so on, to maximize profit.

There is always some collusion going on between the upper end of the corporate sector and their elected, lobbied politicians to control the worker on the left and the consumer on the right -- one and the same person, world-wide. Indeed, the corporations view the people as their workers and consumers -- exactly like a flock to feed and fleece, and the US Government is seen facilitating this under direct corporate supervision, functioning like an HR department with laws in place of policies.

Clearly, the corporations prefer their consumers who pay them, over their workers, who cost them money. Indeed, for many Americans, it is this problematic duality that corporations exploit, and the people get very upset sometimes, here and around the world.

In Wisconsin, the governor is clearly in the court of the corporate ruling elite, and we all knew that, long before the prank call. He has a whole state to rule over like a puppet corporate dictator. If more corporate elite ruling politicians are elected by discontented but highly mistaken people on the right, there will just be greater discontentment for all people as puppet dictators are elected in lavishly, corporate funded political campaigns.

Government staff employees paid $60k--$120k aren't necessarily more out to get you than private sector power brokers who make millions and billions. But the elected politicians are different: they are embraced by the corporations during the candidate-funding-election process, and never let go of once they win and get into office. They often are already on the inside long before they run for office.

Have you noticed that people vote, they don't lobby, and that corporations lobby, they don't vote? Corporations lobby 24/7/365, and have the money and connections to do so, while the rest of us 308 million Americans are pretty much ignored by the corporate sponsored politicians who haven't the time to listen to the small people, since they are so busy listening to the big people.

Across the country, Americans should all join in Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks directed at our politicians and demand all of their time until we feel like we have gotten back our government of, by and for the people. Until then, America will continue to be colonized, where the ruling class will exploit Americans for their labor-consumer function: they will pay less for labor, extract the most from the consumer, all without killing them both, and pocket the balance for profit.

It used to be that all of your labor and consumption was kept on the family farm and not laundered through the corporations. The time has come to find a contemporary way of having a greater say over our persons who labor and consume so we pocket the difference.

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