Losing the War’s Beginning

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Losing the War’s Beginning

The ninth year of the US war in Afghanistan began with an apology.  “We deeply regret this tragic loss of life and will continue to work. . . to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

The apology wasn't to the people of Afghanistan, for invading back in 2001. Or for the loss of civilian life in reprisal for civilian loss of life, on American soil for which no Afghans were responsible.

The apology was to Pakistan, a country where we're not even officially at war. General Petraeus and ambassador Anne W. Patterson apologized for NATO shooting and killing Pakistani border guards.

And amidst the Pakistan news, the papers of record failed. The New York Times and the Washington Post failed even to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. Instead, the Post ran a story titled “Despite rising doubts at home, troops in one corner of Afghanistan see signs of progress” under their ongoing heading “Obama's War.”

And so it is that the war begun on October 7, 2001 has quickly lost its beginning, even as it's losing its end.  And its borders.

And so it is that anti-war groups struggle to keep up any kind of pressure.  War seems simply to be the way it is.  We have always been at war in Afghanistan. We will always be at war in Afghanistan. Or maybe Pakistan. Or both. Always.

Laura Flanders

Best-selling author and broadcaster Laura Flanders hosts the The Laura Flanders Show, where she interviews forward thinking people about the key questions of our time.  The LF Show airs weekly on KCET/LinkTV, FreeSpeech TV, and in English & Spanish in teleSUR. Flanders is also a contributing writer to The Nation and Yes! Magazine (“Commonomics”) and a regular guest on MSNBC. She is the author of six books, including The New York Times best-seller, BUSHWOMEN: Tales of a Cynical Species (Verso, 2004) and Blue GRIT: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians (Penguin Press, 2007). The Laura Flanders Show first aired on Air America Radio 2004-2008. You can find all her archives and more at Lauraflanders.com or via Twitter @GRITlaura

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