Don't Even Go Near Single Payer

Politico is out this morning with it's Monday issue featuring a much hyped special section on health care.

The issue is jam packed with $10,000 full page ads from the usual
suspects: United Health Group, the drug industry (The Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers Association), the high tech medical equipment industry
(Advanced Medical Technology Association), and corporate liberal groups
like AARP.

All of which oppose what the majority of doctors and the majority of
the American people want - a single payer, Medicare for all, everybody
in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital - health care system.

The Politico health care issue features five news articles and six opinion pieces.

Not one of which mentions single payer.

Matt Wuerker's cartoon in Politico this morning is titled "The Really Big Operation: Just Try and Fix Healthcare."

The patient (the U.S. health care system) is below the headline - and you can't touch patient or you'll get zapped.

As in: "Bzzt! Don't even go near proposing single payer. You'll be called a socialist!"

The editors at Politico apparently heeded Wuerker's warning.

Not a mention of single payer in the entire issue. (Other than Wuerker's warning.)

Looks as if Politico is positioning itself to be the new paper of record.