Calling Out Bush's War in Gaza

It may well be that in denouncing "Israel's" attack on Gaza one, in an
important way, unwittingly does a disservice to the cause of holding
the Bush Administration accountable for its crimes.

Is there any doubt that the Bush Administration approved this assault?
Is there any doubt that it could not have taken place without the Bush
Administration's approval?

Is there any doubt that it could not continue without the support of
the Bush Administration and the protective umbrella of its veto at the
UN Security Council? Is there any doubt that it will stop the very day
that the Bush Administration says that it must?

If so, is it in the interest of humanity that we Americans engage in
the charade that the Israeli government is an autonomous actor in this

All these observations are true in general, but we have plenty of
specific evidence in this case.

In August, Haaretz reported
that the U.S. had "rejected an Israeli request for military equipment
and support that would improve Israel's ability to attack Iran's
nuclear facilities."

The Americans viewed the request, which was transmitted
(and rejected) at the highest level, as a sign that Israel is in the
advanced stages of preparations to attack Iran. They therefore warned
Israel against attacking, saying such a strike would undermine
American interests. They also demanded that Israel give them prior
notice if it nevertheless decided to strike Iran.

In early September, Haaretzreported that
the request had included GBU-28 "bunker-buster" bombs.

In mid-September, the U.S. agreed instead to sell Israel 1000 GBU-39
"bunker buster" bombs which Israeli military experts said "could
provide a powerful new weapon" in Gaza, APreported.

These bombs have been used to bomb tunnels in Gaza in the current
offensive, the Jerusalem Postreports.
Israel claims that its goal in bombing tunnels is to stop the
smuggling of weapons, but tunnels are also used to bring in goods, so
blowing up tunnels has the effect of reinforcing the blockade on Gaza.

So: when Israel requested weapons that the U.S. expected would be used
for bombing Iran, the U.S. said no, and added explicitly that it did
not want to see an Israeli attack on Iran. And there was no Israeli
attack on Iran.

Instead, the U.S. provided bombs that it had every reason to believe
would be used for an attack on Gaza. And now there is an Israeli
attack on Gaza, using those very bombs.

And therefore, there is no reason to doubt the active approval of the
United States government for the current attack.

So, if one happens to be living in the United States, it seems clear
that one's complaints ought to be addressed to U.S. officials. You can
write to President Bush and your Congressional representatives here
and to President-elect Obama here.

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