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Voting Rights

The Battle to Protect Voting Rights Continues

As some states restrict voting rights, others expand them. The fight for the future of elections is on.

Michael Waldman ·

With Alabama Ruling, SCOTUS Delivers 'Another Major Blow' to Voting Rights Act

"We must end the filibuster so the Senate can pass voting rights protections," declares the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Jessica Corbett ·

Now Every Day Is January 6: Trump Targets the 'Vote Counters'

After losing the election, Trump and his allies pressured officials in key states to reverse the popular outcome. The effort failed, and now—state by state—Trump is getting even.

Steven Harper ·

Time for the DOJ to Get Much More Aggressive on Voting Rights

The DOJ must use its authority to challenge discriminatory reforms immediately, before the election. The new obstacles must be exposed as the insult that they are, and used to motivate even more people to vote.

Jesse Jackson ·

American 'Exceptionalism?' Yes, But Not in a Good Way

It can be painful to acknowledge the stone-cold truth that we are indeed exceptional, but by many measures, not in ways we can celebrate.

Frances Moore Lappé ·

Now Every Day in Arizona Is January 6

Arizona's latest voter restriction law will remove an estimated 100,000 eligible voters from its early voting mailing list.

Steven Harper ·

Civil Rights Groups Reject Electoral Count Act as a 'Charade'

"Some might view this effort as a cynical attempt to fool the American people into believing meaningful action has been taken on voting rights when none has been taken," the organizations said.

Andrea Germanos ·

80+ Groups Detail How Biden Can Foster 'Democratic Renewal at Home and Abroad'

"2022 presents critical inflection points and significant opportunities to stem the tide of rising authoritarianism, to protect and promote universal human rights, and combat corruption."

Jessica Corbett ·

Can US Democracy Be Saved?

Political violence, surging ethnonationalism, economic stagnation: the U.S. today resembles the Soviet Union just before it fell.

Chrissy Stroop ·

Analysis Finds 'Staggering' Rise in Voter Suppression After GOP Restrictions in Georgia

"This is why we are fighting this new law in court," said one voting rights advocate.

Brett Wilkins ·

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