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Voting Rights

Texas Mail-In Ballot Rejection Rate Skyrockets Under GOP Voter Suppression Law

For Texans who cast ballots by mail in the state's recent primary, the initial rejection rate was 17% across 120 counties, compared with less than 1% statewide during the 2020 general election.

Kenny Stancil ·

As Feared, 2020 Census Significantly Undercounted Minorities

"This undercount means we are saddled with inaccurate numbers for the next decade," said one rights advocate. "The consequences are serious."

Julia Conley ·

Critics Warn Florida GOP Bill Designed to 'Criminalize' the Voting Process

"American exceptionalism and denial means that no one will admit it, but between book burning, abortion bans, criminalizing trans kids, the Supreme Court's attack on voting rights, and now this, we are truly veering on fascism."

Julia Conley ·

In 'Momentous' Ruling, Supreme Court Rejects GOP Voting Maps

While North Carolina and Pennsylvania will use evenly-split electoral maps for the midterm elections, the court's right-wing majority appeared eager to rule further on whether state courts can reject partisan maps.

Julia Conley ·

Anniversary of Selma Should Remind Americans How Democracy Is Defended

African Americans won the right to vote because we and our allies marched for it, demonstrated for it, were beaten and died to gain it. After Selma, people of conscience demanded that the country live up to its Constitution and its democratic ideals.

Jesse Jackson ·

Why Gerrymandering Could Get Way Worse

For the first time in 50 years, Republican legislators are free to effectively minimize the power of racial minorities.

Robert Reich ·

Anatomy of Trump's Big Lie

Trump keeps repeating the Antrim County lie and is now endorsing Matthew DePerno to become the state's next attorney general.

Steven Harper ·

Where, Oh Where Is the Media's Sense of Urgency on the GOP's Attack on Voting

Even in the face of "an unprecedented crisis of democracy," corporate media are likely to allow an authoritarian coup to happen because they're too unshakably committed to business as usual to sound the alarm.

Joshua Cho ·

GOP Attacks on Voting Already Impacting 2022 PrimariesjennaFeb 18, 2022
All possible resources must be marshaled in the cause of fair, safe, and secure elections.

Nevada Dems Sound Alarm Over 'Single Most Vicious Suppression Attempt' Yet by GOP

"It is with absolute outrage that we have discovered a shocking effort to assault the electoral process of Washoe County," said the chair of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Jake Johnson ·

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