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Election 2022


Rising Up Down South: A Strategy for Radical Togetherness

A strategic focus on South Carolina, and other red states who are fighting for their lives against a regressive tide, could shed light on the crux of wider struggle and provide guidance for how to rise up, and how to win.

Alexandria Shaner ·

Shell Ruling in South Africa a 'Victory Against Capitalist Extraction and Destruction of Our Future'

"Winning this means we are all moving towards an understanding that we need to find sustainable livelihoods; we need to move away from fossil fuels," said one local campaigner.

Jessica Corbett ·

Analysis Shows New Unionization Wave Gives Young Workers Much to Celebrate

Union representation for workers under 35 means higher median hourly earnings and increased coverage by employer-sponsored health insurance and retirement plans.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Largest Private Sector Nurses Strike in US History' Coming to Minnesota

"Hospital CEOs with million-dollar salaries can afford to put patients before profits in our hospital and to do right by Minnesota nurses," said Minnesota Nurses Association, which is organizing the strike.

Brett Wilkins ·

Climate Scientists Urge More Civil Disobedience to Signal 'How Deep in the Sh*t We Are'

New paper argues direct action "by scientists has the potential to cut through the myriad complexities... surrounding the climate crisis in a way that less visible and dispassionate evidence provision does not."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Big Win': Google Search and Maps Will Now Say If Clinics Provide Abortions

The update is "a big deal for users who've been misled by pregnancy crisis centers masquerading as abortion providers," said Alphabet Workers Union. "But not enough—Google must *remove* these misleading results."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Dance of Sympathy on a Planet Gone Mad

Working for peace and justice is not only the moral and right thing to do, but is also a creative expression of what it is to be human, an effort to eliminate war by bringing order to chaos and replacing violence with harmony.

Brad Wolf ·

Progressives Say Biden Student Debt Plan 'A Good Start, But Not Enough'

"In the long term, we need to keep pushing for more relief and for free public college and vocational school," said Rep. Ro Khanna.

Brett Wilkins ·

Activists Arrested at Seattle Protest Pushing Murray to Reject 'Dirty' Manchin Deal

"Sen. Murray and the rest of our congressional delegation must speak up strongly and swiftly against this massive rollback of public health and environmental protections that will fast-track fossil fuel projects."

Jessica Corbett ·

Coming Together to Save Earth Could Be the Best Project Ever Undertaken by the Human Species

A redistribution of wealth and localization of power can only come through bottom-up initiatives in which individual leaders see their work connecting with others as part of a larger transformation.

David Korten ·

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