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Livable Wage

Abdul El-Sayed Endorses Bernie Sanders as Best 2020 Candidate to Defeat Trump and 'Build the After-Trump'

"I think every time—whether it comes to healthcare, whether it comes to housing, whether it comes to a job that pays a living wage—Bernie Sanders is the answer."

Jake Johnson ·

OK Obama... Time to Cancel Radical Centrism

So-called "centrists" are terrified that if the Democratic nominee is far to the left of Biden and Obama, they will be forced to coalesce around a candidate who represents a threat to the establishment of which they are a part.

Sonali Kolhatkar ·

Did Obama Make a Mistake by Deporting 3 Million People? Bernie Sanders: 'Yes'

"We're not talking about tearing down the system—we're fighting for justice," said 2020 candidate in response to former president's reported warning that some Democrats moving too far left.

Jon Queally ·

World Bank Rankings Promote Deregulation at the Expense of Working People

The highly controversial annual Doing Business report gives governments high marks if they slash taxes and worker protections.

Leo Baunach ·

Over the Last Week, At Least 85,000 Workers Were Out on 13 Different Strikes

"Right now there is a movement of workers across the country who are taking back their power at a scale we have not seen in recent memory."

Michael Arria ·

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Backs Bernie Sanders at Packed NYC Rally

"With Alexandria, with Ilhan, and others on board, we're going to put together a coalition that is going to win and win big," Sanders said ahead of the event.

Andrea Germanos ·

Demanding 'Pay and Benefits That Give Us Dignity,' 25,000 Chicago Public School Teachers Go on Strike

"Our children deserve the best that this city has to offer. They do not deserve broken promises."

Jake Johnson ·

To His Wealthy Donors, Trump Is Their Grifter

The Trump economy doesn’t work for most Americans, but it works for his donors. They’re all in on the con.

Jesse Jackson ·

Paying the Boss 1,000 Times More Than a Worker Encourages Reckless Corporate Behavior

Sentiment is building to tax excessive CEO pay at public companies.

Sarah Anderson ·

At Major US Corporations, Employees Would Have to Work 1,000 Years to Earn What CEOs Made in One: Report

"Tax penalties on extreme CEO-worker pay gaps would encourage large corporations to narrow their divides."

Jessica Corbett ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.