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Study Shows Excess Corporate Profits in the US Have Become 'Widespread'

A new research paper finds that corporate price markups and profits jumped to their highest levels in seven decades last year.

Jake Johnson ·

Why Do Tens of Millions in US Support an Economic System That Doesn't Benefit Them?

If people throw away money, opportunities, and their very lives chasing destructive delusions, then we might as well revert to divine right of kings or the selection of leaders by lottery.

Mike Lofgren ·

'Incredible News': Global Applause as Leftist Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Presidency

Brazilian presidential frontrunner Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Petro's victory "strengthens democracy and progressive forces in Latin America."

Jake Johnson ·

Climate Summit Ends in 'Unconscionable' Failure as Rich Nations Turn Backs on Poorest

"We have had enough of you offering crumbs with one hand while you starve the world with the other," said one campaigner. "Your empty words cannot fill our stomachs or protect our homelands."

Julia Conley ·

WTO Deal on Vaccine Patents Decried as a 'Sham' Dictated by Rich Nations, Big Pharma

One campaigner slammed the agreement as "a technocratic fudge aimed at saving reputations, not lives."

Jake Johnson ·

Keeping Workers Poor on Purpose Is Terrible Economic Policy

At America's biggest low-wage employers, chief executives now pocket 670 times more than their workers.

Sam Pizzigati ·

There Are Better Ways to Fight Inflation Than Attacking Working People With Higher Interest Rates

Tackling inflation requires reining in private markets—and embracing economic democracy.

Richard Wolff ·

5 Reasons We Need a National Organization to Energize the Fight for Single Payer

Health care is a national crisis that requires a national solution.

Judy Albert ·

As WTO Ministerial Opens, Civil Society Slams Rich Nations for Acting as Big Pharma 'Henchmen'

"We are deeply concerned that rich nations are negotiating to protect the interests of pharmaceutical corporations... whatever the cost to public health," said one campaigner.

Jake Johnson ·

What Does It Mean That Women Now Dominate Higher Education?

If you visit a college campus, you should see roughly three women—now about 60% of all college students—for every two men.

Rebecca Gordon ·

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