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'Normal' is killing us.

Donald Trump is out of the White House. COVID-19 is fading, at least in wealthier nations. The world, they say, is returning to “normal.” That’s the narrative that the corporate media is selling. But there’s a problem: “normal” is destroying our planet, threatening our democracies, concentrating massive wealth in a tiny elite, and leaving billions of people without access to life-saving vaccines amid a deadly pandemic. Here at Common Dreams, we refuse to accept any of this as “normal.” Common Dreams just launched our Mid-Year Campaign to make sure we have the funding we need to keep the progressive, independent journalism of Common Dreams alive. Whatever you can afford—no amount is too large or too small—please donate today to support our nonprofit, people-powered journalism and help us meet our goal.

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Suspension—a Doctor Explains What This Means for You

I believe it is a testament to the emphasis by the CDC and FDA on vaccine safety that J&J vaccinations have been paused while this is studied by independent scientists and medical experts.

William Petri ·

Families and Indigenous Youth Vow to 'Not Give Up' After Top EU Court Dismisses 'People's Climate Case'

"We will keep fighting for justice and for the protection of fundamental rights that are threatened by the unequal and diverse impacts of climate change."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

'Disturbing': Rich Nations Vaccinating Person Per Second While Blocking Effort to Share Recipe With Poor Countries

"There is no reason we have to prioritize the profits of pharmaceutical companies over the dignity of people in other countries," said U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna.

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'We Need to Remain Vigilant': Health Experts Warn Rollback of Covid Restrictions Threatens Life-Saving Gains

"We must not relinquish the ground we've gained," said Dr. Barbara Alexander, president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

'Is Our Blood Worth Less?' Afghan Anguish After European Court Sides With Germany Over Airstrike That Killed 90 Civilians

"I wanted the court to provide justice, to have mercy on us," the lead plaintiff in the case said following the ruling.

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

'This Is Just the Beginning': Why Poland's War on Abortion Should Scare You

This is not just 'Poland being Poland.' These actions are illegal, inhumane and could spread across Europe.

Neil Datta ·

As Fears Grow Over Covid Vaccine Delays, Watchdog Asks: 'Why Are We Allowing Big Pharma's Patents to Artificially Limit Supply?'

"It's just wrong that big business is deciding who gets vaccinated, with zero transparency. We must scrap patents and massively scale up production globally."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Heightening Risk of Accidental Nuclear War, Russia Follows Trump's Lead and Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty

Moscow is reportedly willing to reverse its decision to pull out if the U.S. rejoins the pact credited with helping to prevent nuclear war.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

New York Times Joins Trump's Anti-China Crusade

There is evidence that the pandemic was already present in Europe before the end of 2019, at a point where no one in China had any clear idea what they were dealing with.

Dean Baker ·

EU Ramps Up Fight Against Pollution With Ban on Plastic Waste Exports to Poorer Countries

"This is an important milestone in fighting plastic pollution, transitioning shifting to a circular economy, and achieving the aims of the European Green Deal."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·